Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fire update

On the fire front - the firefighters held the fire yesterday, it's at 4,102 acres, now has 1001 firefighters working it and has cost $5 million to fight thru yesterday - oh and it's now 30% contained - whoo hoo. This weekend will be a test on the lines they're working on containing as the temps will be in the upper 90's and the fire will be very active. We woke up this morning to crisp cool air (which won't last long) but all of a sudden the putrid smoke smell came in - so bad I was worrying that a new fire started right by us.......but no sirens or copters so it's just the smoke settling in from the current are now closed for the day.......

I spent a good part of yesterday working on photography.  I keep selling scarves but can't get more listed in the etsy shop until I take pictures of others.  I got that done, narrowed down out of all the photos which ones I'll use but cropping and resizing still needs to be done.........maybe this afternoon.......this morning I want to weave a bit. Photography is always a challenge for me......


  1. I just read this morning's InciWeb report, and I am so glad that they're getting a handle on this fire, so you can breathe a little easier--well at least you will be able to once the smoke clears!

    1. Yes, feeling like if we make it through Monday without a major blow up of the fire due to the heat and wind we'll be home free as cooler and possibly wet weather is one the way.....but yes, it's smokey......can't wait for fire season to be over.


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