Friday, September 12, 2014

A bit of this and that......

I got very little time at the loom this week - makes for a grumpy me. I got the 2 burgundy towels woven and just started on the green warp. Not sure what I'm going to so to remedy the lack of time weaving but something has to happen soon or I may snap - working on simplifying life but it takes time.

These are 3 new colors of Ashland Bay merino roving, Citron, Flamingo and Kiwi - great colors! Makes me think of Florida, very tropical. These are now up in my etsy shop for sale. But the remainder of the roving that just came in a big huge gigantic order, at least 40 colors, sits in the huge boxes waiting to be weighed, bagged, labeled, put into inventory and relisted in the shop - just not up to it at the moment, sometime next week......

Last night was the first community concert of the season and it didn't disappoint - Fernando Varela, incredibly strong tenor - beautiful opera singer, classics, contemporary. I could have listened to him for another couple of hours - a voice that can bring tears to your eyes.


  1. You'll get there with the simplification. This year has been a year of change for a lot of people, you included. Go with the flow, know that everything usually works out just how it should...really!
    Sounds like great concert. Wish Ashland had something like that assuming it isn't mobbed by hippies and pan handlers...

    1. It's not Ashland but Medford has the community concert series - they generally choose different artists. I think they're held at the Ginger Rogers Theatre - let me know if you need a contact number, I should be able to find that out for you.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about over commitment and the need to simplify, easier than it sounds. One wise friend said to me, only you can say NO. It seems to be easier to say yes doesn't it.

  3. Yummy colors from Ashland Bay. I'd like to drink the Citron! Love your green towel too, great pattern. Here is Community Concerts for Dredford:


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