Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire sky

Fire does make for some beautiful evening skies.......would rather have our normal evening sky but no one asked me.  Sure hope they catch whoever started this fire........

A bit of sunshine in my day........

Today has been a stinky day trying to find updates on the fire, trying to make a plan, just trying to stay calm. The highlight of my day was finding out that I won a giveway at Starfish Cottage Blog. I found Kristy's blog through another blog I follow and have been loving seeing her beach inspired d├ęcor.....and have even bought some burlap ribbon in preparation for decorating some mason jars.

Anyhow, check out her blog - even if you're not into decorating in seashore colors you'll love seeing her style and possibly using some of her ideas in your house.  She's also got a wonderful etsy shop.
So, what I won was one of these sets - I'm not sure which one, I don't care, I love them both. The tote bag will be a great addition to the beach cottage - I'll use it often and who can't use tea towels.

Not much to say about the fire - getting very little info other than hearing that tonight or tomorrow there may be some level 2 evacuations added to the level 1 in effect now. Copters shake the house flying back and forth. I haven't seen the retardant tankers but know they're available - heard from friend Margie who is south of me that they're going over her house so they're taking a different route to the fire from Medford.  Just saw something scroll across the bottom of the tv about a fire in Weed (CA) that is forcing evacuations from 3 communities - hasn't CA been hit enough with the continuing devastation from the Happy Camp fire just over the border from us. Fire season has been way too long this year.........

Rude awakening......

Thank you to everyone for your good thoughts.  Woke up this morning to an emergency email list I'm on from the sheriff's office with level one evacuation orders (get ready) - there are many roads on the other side of the river from us, as in 1 mile away. In panic mode at the moment, didn't expect this so soon. Trying to compose myself and figure out a plan - we have a dash and go plan but need to figure one out that includes having some time to get things out of here so we're ready if our road gets added to the list. Wondering this morning what Wildlife Images plan is for the animals - it's an animal rehabilitation and education center at the end of our road close to the river. Small animals are one things but bears and the big cats are another.  Getting Sam moving on blowing those dead pine needles off the roof and putting the sprinklers up there that will run as long as power isn't knocked out. Me, I'm not sure what to do first so will pack up etsy orders to run to the Merlin post office 2 miles away, maybe put my etsy shops on vacation hold today so I don't have to worry about more orders.........  Thinking maybe getting our 5th wheel out of here to a safe location in case we need to live in it would be a good thing to do today. Will start packing some important things for just in case.....not what I was expecting to do today........

Update:  it's 9:45am and the first copter just flew over, no bucket or snorkel on it, hearing something else in off in the distance so must be the change of command has taken place, pilots rested and ready to fly.   Still nothing posted on the fire websites - getting news from the local sheriff's office and radio station......did the forest service take a long weekend or what???

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Re-entry sucks......

I'm always talking about how much re-entry sucks coming back from the coast. Even being gone for just a weekend it takes me a couple days to play catch-up. Well, today re-entry really sucks. Two hours from home we could see a new huge smoke plume. I couldn't get online with my Mifi because we went into the canyon, so an hour later I got on and only found one new fire mentioned on Onion Mountain - near our house - ack.

Here's the view heading from town where we dropped my mother off at home - that's looking out toward where we live - ack again.

This is what it looked like when I stepped out of the van up at our house - the sun is partially hidden in all that smoke.

We decided to walk up our hill for a better view to scare me to death. We were just starting up the hill and I heard a copter - there it is right over our house. It didn't have a bucket but a snorkel for sucking up the water to dump. A tanker had flown over a few minutes earlier heading back to the airport to load up... at least I hope he was coming back with another load of retardant.

Here we are at the top of our hill where it meets up to Carol & Merle's property - this is way too close for comfort. Merle has been working other fires in the area this summer - he and his friend have not been called to work this one yet - they've got a fire truck, water tender and bulldozer. The word he got was that they didn't want the big equipment up there, as in the Dept of Agriculture.....are they protecting endangered species of plants???  Who knows, but if so they'll be burnt to a crisp rather than run over by equipment.....and there are roads up there, we've been up there often.

A view of the smoke off our deck - while I took this ash was falling on me. Tomorrow morning Sam is going up on the roof to blow off the dead pine needles. I'm thinking maybe he should put the sprinklers he put onto boards to sit on the peak at either end up there too so we're ready.

Yvonne sent this picture taken from her place - she's around 6 miles north of me so that much further from the fire to get a good picture - it gives some perspective as to it's size already.

I have a bad feeling about this fire, it started yesterday morning at 10 acres and is growing leaps and bounds.....and there aren't enough resources being dumped on it yet. And it was around 100 degrees out today, definitely doesn't help.......and it's windy now. Oh good, just heard on the news that dry thunderstorms are expected tomorrow......more chances for fires to start........although this one is being reported as being human caused.

Sounds like a war zone here.  Another copter with a bucket just went over only it was heading away from the fire......hmm, what's with that? I was yelling wrong way, wrong way but he didn't pay attention.  I hope that doesn't mean that the smoke is so bad they can't fly anymore this evening.

So, this is the start to my week, how about yours?

Newly added photo from friend Yvonne - she has a good camera to catch those flames from her place.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A bit of this and that......

I got very little time at the loom this week - makes for a grumpy me. I got the 2 burgundy towels woven and just started on the green warp. Not sure what I'm going to so to remedy the lack of time weaving but something has to happen soon or I may snap - working on simplifying life but it takes time.

These are 3 new colors of Ashland Bay merino roving, Citron, Flamingo and Kiwi - great colors! Makes me think of Florida, very tropical. These are now up in my etsy shop for sale. But the remainder of the roving that just came in a big huge gigantic order, at least 40 colors, sits in the huge boxes waiting to be weighed, bagged, labeled, put into inventory and relisted in the shop - just not up to it at the moment, sometime next week......

Last night was the first community concert of the season and it didn't disappoint - Fernando Varela, incredibly strong tenor - beautiful opera singer, classics, contemporary. I could have listened to him for another couple of hours - a voice that can bring tears to your eyes.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

mini-skeins for sale

I've just listed these mini-skeins of handspun, many hand-dyed yarn for sale in the sale section of my etsy shop.  These are all discontinued colorways from my hand-dyed roving or Ashland Bay roving - all different fibers, details in each listing on what fibers are included in a particular pack. Perhaps someone looking for a pop of color to add to their knitting will love them. I immediately thought of tapestry weavers who need little bits of a certain color. And they'd be great for garneting in creating art batts for spinning. So, I don't know if they'll sell or not but it's worth a try - I have so much of it and I'm just not sure what I'll do with them all. For handspun yarn they're priced great - I want to move them on to someone who will use them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More rust dyeing and a field trip

Here's my second rust dyed silk scarf - it needed more rust/color so I wrapped it around a gear and left it another night.  I like it - very fun.  Would love to do some cotton fabric one day to use in quilting or sewing.

Today was a field trip to Camp Runamuck.  I was greeted outside by many pups in their fenced yard. But inside I was greeted by Marigold, the newest member of the family - what a sweetheart.......and she's calm.....unlike my Bailey who is a nut.....well at least for the first 10 minutes when he meets someone.

And then I got to meet Robin and Stella up close (she has the blue timmy in her mouth). What fun little dogs, they were both smaller than I pictured.

I went over Theresa's to see her new loom, the Gilmore Gem II. What a wonderful little loom, it's so sturdy, it weaves and feels like a big heavy loom. She has a couple posts about it on her blog. I'm in the thinking stages about getting one for the beach, there's not much room over there so this loom may just fit the bill as it doesn't have a big footprint. It was a fun visit.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rust dyeing

Yesterday morning I went up to neighbor Carol's house - her husband Merle has tons of cool rusted stuff up there. She and I decided to try our hand at rust dyeing on silk scarves. For one of mine I chose big old bolts and chain - the other I wrapped the scarf around a horseshoe. I washed the scarves before we started, then we sprayed them with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar & water. Then we wrapped them around/up in the rusted stuff, put them in plastic bags and left them overnight.
Here's the finished beauty shot quick and dirty shot of the scarf I used rusted bolts and chains on.  My other one that was wrapped around the horseshoe didn't do much, just got some color on it but no neat imprints. So, I wrapped it around some gears and will check on it tomorrow.
One of Carol's turned out great, sorry no picture, like it turned out really great. Her other one didn't have much rust imprint so she wrapped it with some chain and will check it tomorrow morning.
Next up when I paint warps sometime this month we'll try out ice dyeing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Slipper sox

These are super comfy thick slipper sox - they're made using worsted wool, I'm using Lamb's Pride Bulky. These are super fast to knit.  I'm making these and another pair for gifts for my nieces - can see the need for a pair on my feet in the not too distant future. The free pattern is by Veronica Van - it's available on Ravelry.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Towels on the loom

There are towels on the loom, just got the first one started so someone who was coming over to visit my studio would actually see something in progress. Will be busy with other things for a few days so won't get back to the loom for a bit........I want to weave.......wah.........

We've had a few days of beautiful weather, low 80's and breezy - 100's are coming back for the weekend. Fire danger is still very high - fires in Northern CA, right over the border, are still consuming acreage and threatening homes - I can see the smoke off in the distance to the south of us. I'm more than ready for rain.......sure wish some of those downpours/floods from other areas of the country would send some of those raindrops our way.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Roving for sale

Today I took this newly dyed roving plus some others from another 2 days of dyeing to my spinning group. Thank you friends for lightening my load, even selling out of 2 colorways........I knew I should have put some of each of those aside before I went, I love them both.....oh well.....when I pull out the acid dyes next I'll have to try and duplicate them for myself. Now these are up for sale in my etsy shop.  Such a relief deciding not to dye more roving for sale......hopefully that decision will get me more time at the loom.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another use for roving.

The first time, a couple years ago, that someone contacted me via my etsy shop asking how much roving it takes to make a baby blanket prop I was clucless.  I am not of the baby making age, neither are my friends so I'm not up on the latest and greatest in baby photography. I soon learned about it as more and more photographers and new moms bought roving from me.  One of the latest is Cherye who has been purchasing different colors of roving for her daughter-in-law to use in her photography business - Michelle Dickson Photography. She kindly told me I could share these photos if I'd like.......I thought there might be others out there like me that are clueless on the latest baby fads.

Is this precious or what? All Michelle's photos are sweet as can be. I wonder who came up with the idea to use the roving as a photography's very creative and so fun.

And look at this one - so beautiful. Cherye is now making the beautiful little headbands used in the photos.

I hope I gave you a smile this morning looking at these sweet little babes.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The last of the dyed roving......

This is the last of it, the last roving I dye to sell - whoo hoo. I've been cutting back the past 2 years from the hundreds of pounds I'd dye each summer to less than 100. It's taking away from time weaving and I'm just plain old burnt out. I've been dyeing roving to sell for somewhere in the area of 10 years - time for a change. In the future any dyed roving I do will be for myself or for gifts. All of this will show up in my etsy shop for sale as soon as it's dry, weighed, tagged, bagged and photographed.

On the schedule yesterday was a merino/bamboo/tussah silk blend - 10 pounds...
....and today, 6 pounds of merino (3 colorways on the left) and 6 pounds of merino/tussah silk (3 colorways on the right)
Yesterday morning while I was toiling over the dye steamers Sam (on the left) went out for a ride in Tom's (neighbor down the road and our painter) 1924 Model T that he put together years ago from original parts. I had to stop and gab for a bit to find out the details on the cute little car.

Here they go.....

....down the drive and out onto the road for a spin.  Sam said it was a little scary going down the drive because of the speed it picked up - no real brakes, it's all controlled by the transmission. Did you know the gas is gravity fed in these cars?  If you're going up a hill and low on gas you could easily stall out....luckily there was plenty of gas in this one for the drive back up our hilly driveway. After Tom left our house he had to go back home to pick up his dog to take her for a spin - she was not happy he left for a drive in it without her.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday morning I started winding a 12 yard towel warp - didn't last long because of the danged heat - this record setting hot summer is wearing on me. This morning I finished the warp and started to wind it on the back was hot and stuffy......this cotton warp haloed.....ack.  It happens once in a while that warp threads will halo and catch other warp threads but this was a record - I couldn't get one revolution around the back beam before I was pulling apart the warp thread halos here and there. Does anyone out there know of a solution other than using this cotton for weft?  It's good cotton from Henry's Attic and I have huge cones of it and would rather use it for warp. This morning was an exercise in patience. I wish I could have gotten the heddles and reed threaded and started weaving but I had to go to town so it will have to wait.

Supposedly our temps are coming down for Saturday & Sunday (back up starting Monday) so I may get some roving dyed......if the forecast is correct.

Insult to injury - on top of a summer and probably an autumn full of wildfire concerns - now many wells in the region are drying up due to the two years of drought. Sheesh........

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Majestic buck

There are 4 huge bucks that hang right outside the kitchen window - by the time I got the camera this morning they had moved up on the hill maybe 30 feet away. By the looks of the lawn they're sleeping there overnight...I'm sure it's much more comfy than this brown crackly stuff on the rest of our acreage.

Look at the rack on this guy - how beautiful.  The other 3 have racks just as impressive. I think he's been sharpening his. This afternoon as I was filling up the hummingbird feeder I was hearing footfall down the ravine on the side of the house, then clanking - no one should be down there so I was getting a bit worried about what it was.....then it dawned on me - it was the antlers clanking against each other as the bucks were facing off. I was only able to catch a bit of the battle as they got closer to the house without disturbing them - not close enough for photos.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Got me a stick, got me a stick, a good stick, really good stick........ sand in my mouth, sand, sand in my mouth......'s in my teeth, gritty sand in my teeth......stick my tongue out....maybe it will go away....

 .....licking sand off my lips.....getting more sand in my teeth...... more sand in teeth Mom - see....see my mouth, see no sand......
This was a cool sight yesterday morning as the marine layer was burning looked like a fog rainbow over the inlet.

Nani slippers

These are Nani slippers - my Italian grandmother used to make these for everyone in the family - they're crocheted using Red Heart yarn. Everyone had them and treasured them. Nani has been gone for around 15 years now so Nani slippers have all worn out but my cousin Jim found these in his mother's things and he passed them on to me last, they haven't been worn yet, haven't been able to as they're probably the last Nani slippers in existence but I will this winter. Nani lived next door to me growing up and took care of me while my folks worked - she taught me how to crochet, embroider, sew, cook, bake, make sausage, pasta and probably everything else I know how to do these days with the exception of weaving, spinning and knitting.

We spent the past 5 days on the coast escaping the heat and doing a little work in the kitchen at the beach cottage.....well, actually Sam did a little a lot of work in the kitchen. Friday was spent getting the old dishwasher and stove out - what a production since they weren't installed/wired/plumbed correctly. I was so happy to get rid of them - the dishwasher sounded like a jet engine, the sound couldn't be escaped anywhere in the house or even out in the yard - this new one is so quiet we can sit in the living room (8 ft away) and hear the tv without even turning the sound up. And that old Jenn-air downdraft range couldn't be de-scummed even with sandblasting. Love this new simple smooth top range.....installing this was a challenge too because of previous wiring issues. There's still lots of work to do in the kitchen - I have to paint all the cabinets but that has to wait until we figure out countertop color - yesterday I found that to be overwhelming after bringing home samples. New flooring will eventually come but that will be last.

And this is the crowning glory of the kitchen right now. I saw sliding spice racks online and decided it was the perfect use for this skinny cabinet only most of them were too tall including the drawer space above or way too expensive as in close to $200 just for the sliding device and shelves. So, Sam bought the drawer slides and made this for me..........all for around $15.  I love it. I showed him the other skinny cabinet and a big deep cabinet on the dining room side of this peninsula so he can make sliding drawers for those too.

Friday, August 22, 2014


I got the yarn I was spinning at the fair plyed, blocked, ready to use.  On the top is the cashmere/silk blend.....I didn't have much of this roving but I still got 223 yards out of it, not sure what it will grow up to be.  On the bottom is the superfine merino that my friend Kathy G had done the dyeing on when she came over to help me on a dye day. I love it. I got 483 yards in a fingering weight size.  This colorway is sold out in my etsy shop as of this week, not to be repeated but maybe I can get close to it on a future dye day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the front lines

Here's neighbor Merle on the front lines of the Old Blue Mtn fire yesterday - it's the one near friends of mine.  He and his buddy own a fire truck, a water tender and bull dozer - this fire truck is working around the clock with him and his buddy working 12 hour shifts. Merle is in his 70's and works like a 40 year old, or maybe that's 30. Carol said he came home last night smelling like a smoked fish after working in that bowl for 12 hours - he was up and out before daybreak again today. I haven't seen a fire update yet this morning, hoping all went well in spite of the winds that kicked up yesterday afternoon and evening. I feel much better when the water tender is sitting up the hill from me filled with water.......  Have I said yet today that I hate fire season???  Well, yes, once so far, it's still early....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winding warps......

 Since it's too danged hot to be outside dyeing I'm inside winding warps to paint/dye. So far some in 2 different sizes of silk and some tencel. I do at least an 8 yard warp for 3 scarves (or I may add solids to it to make it wider for shawls) - after it's wound and I tie it off enough so it won't get tangled in the dyeing/rinsing process I label it and put it in a ziplock bag with all the info on that warp. I don't buy milk in the plastic jugs anymore but when I did I cut them all into pieces to use as markers for each warp - they're all lettered, they stand up to the dyeing process. After all the dyeing is finished I can match up the warps with the written details on them. Some warps are just one warp but more often than not there are at least 2 warps for a project that will get dyed differently.

Here they are getting piled into a plastic container waiting for the temps to come down just a bit so I can be outside dyeing.....think I'm going to need to get a bigger plastic container out of the closet as I plan on winding many more.

Fire season - it just doesn't let up. I thought a copter was landing on our property this morning it was so loud......but once it got right over us it climbed in did not have a bucket, was heading south. Thunderstorms again yesterday with lots of dry lightning, many fires started. Once again those of us on the far west of the valley missed them - phew. But there are fires near friends of mine in the Applegate, one person's road is even on a level 1 evacuation alert. There was a small fire around 2 blocks distance from where we used to live. They've really jumped on these fires, hopefully none of them will get very big. The wind has picked up this afternoon, never a good thing.  So, latest reports I'm reading and hearing on the news is that fire season may go into November - ACK - I'm not prepared for that, my countdown is 6-7 more weeks. They'll have to cart me off in a straight jacket if it goes into November........already we're all living like we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Too bad all the flooding rains elsewhere in the country couldn't be spread out a bit more and hit us.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spinning at the fair

The fair is over - this morning we went back to the fairgrounds to take down our display - whoo hoo - another year done.........had a great time as usual but am totally exhausted.  This was the second fiber I was spinning at the fair this week - cashmere/tussah silk - it is lovely. I only have 4 oz of it so I'll ply it with something else, maybe some silk thread....or rayon....or tencel. My friend Kathy suggested I put pearls or maybe sequins on the thread I ply it with.......will have to give it thought.

Now it's time to play catch-up here at home after playing all week.......stop on the way home from the fairgrounds this morning was at a local farm stand to pick up veggies to actually cook a real dinner tonight......been living on fair food for lunch and snacking for dinner.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

County Fair

This is the colorful roving I was spinning today at the fair - it's Superfine Merino from a dye day last month.......only I didn't dye it.  My friend Kathy G wanted to come over to help me dye only she doesn't spin and has never dyed roving.  I made her pick colors and dye 2 pounds on her own and this is what resulted - it's very fun.  I'm spinning up 8oz of it for her.  If you want to see what everyone was doing today at the fair go over to our spinning group's blog to check it out.

Rain !!!

As I was laying in bed contemplating getting up I started hearing the oh so rare drops of rain hitting the ground. This is usual for us in the summer and very welcome - by the time I got this picture taken and started writing this post it is letting up but that's 30 minutes of light rain - so much better than the dry lightning fire starting storms that have been coming through.

Many new fires started around the region the past couple of days from lightning strikes - one near a friend was thought to be under control at 100 acres but when the winds picked up yesterday afternoon it took off - this morning I heard on the news there are evacuations on order..........but exactly where? my friend? or at the other end of that road? The past few days fire reports are vague and spotty on the news, nothing much on the websites - maybe they're too busy getting on these new fires but sure would be nice to know what's happening. The Northern California fires just over the border are very scary, yesterday three firefighters didn't have time to get out of the way of the wall of flames and had to resort to using their fire shelters (a special blanket to cover with while laying on the ground as the fire passes by). They were lucky and made it through that experience.  Have I said yet today I hate fire season???

Today is the start of the county fair - I have to figure out a way to cover my wheel for the walk from the car to the building we're demo'ing in case it's still raining.  I'm only 15 minutes away but it's nice to know that Sam and Bailey will be holding down the fort at home in case of fire - I hate living under this threat all summer long......yeah, yeah.....whine and snivel - we could be dealing with the flash floods other areas of the country have been dealing with yesterday and today, very scary stuff.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Giveaway winner

There were only 2 people that commented on the post with the giveway for this book.....guess no one has a need for a great beading book or they've already got it.  I put the 2 into and #1 came up as the winner.  Tobie you've won the book. Email me with your complete name and mailing address and I'll get it out in the mail to you - cindiesam at yahoo dot com.  Congrats and happy beading!

New treasure from the sea

We couldn't stand the horribly hot weather here in the valley anymore and took off for a short trip to the coast on Saturday afternoon returning last night just in time for thunderstorms..........with dry lightning.........many new fires started to the east, 2 very close to friends of mine. Spotter planes will be flying these next few days looking for more. Not sure if there will be any in our area - we didn't get the brunt of the lightning but we did get some. I can't tell by the smell of smoke because it smells like smoke everywhere from the big fires in the region. More dry lightning forecast for today. (since writing this I looked at the lightning strike map - strikes just a few miles to the west of us, hopefully no fires will come out of those)

Not many treasures to be found on the beach this weekend but we did discover a new cockle shell.......well, at least new to us. Usually we see thousands like the few on the left side above. But look at all these very colorful shells we found this time - I looked them up in my shells of the northwest book and found they are Japanese littlenecks, also called Manilla Clams. They were introduced to the northwest from Japan in the 1930's and apparently are very tasty. I'm sure this isn't the first time they've been found on that beach but it's a first for us.  Several pieces of seaglass were found including 2 colors I rarely see - lavender and pale seaglass green. Sam found a fairly big yellow/gold agate - it's below the piece of lavender seaglass.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

County Fair 2014

This morning we set up our display at the county fair. We all sit in a big circle in front of it while demo'ing spinning but occasionally carding, felting, knitting, whatever. We used to get so many fleeces turned in for judging that we filled the table and two tiers in front of it.  No fleeces entered for judging by the time we left, friends Margie & Karen brought these just for show from their stashes.  I think a major problem is that last year they started charging a fee just to enter a fleece for judging. The display is getting a little worn looking with nothing much new other than Virginia's new hooked rug in the center.  So.....I have an idea for a theme for next year that our spinning group can work on during the winter - maybe we can get everyone to contribute something to show other than Linda, Virginia and me. More on that in a few months when I pull it all together. The fair runs Wednesday-Saturday - should be a fun time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A little of this, a little of that........

This week I decided I better start on a few holiday gifts, I didn't get too far but it's a start......unfortunately only dribs and drabs of them will show up here as I don't want the recipients to see them.  I love knitting and felting Lamb Pride yarn - very fun project - knitting in progress.
And a bit of inkle weaving for this years inklings - bet no one will be able to guess the theme looking at this blah inkle band.  I love my LeClerc Floor Inkle Loom - I have a 5 yard warp on here, the second warp in this grey color this week, this loom can hold another couple much more than a table inkle loom.

On the home front much of the week was spent in prep for painting, then the put the house back together mode. Three quarters of the inside of the house is now a pale grey - I love it. The guest/computer room and guest bath would have been done too except I love the wallpaper border and special paint job below that border too much to get rid of it. The two rooms that comprise the studio will never get painted unless we're moving - way too much crap to move out of the way....and the walls don't show anyhow.....and the paint still looks new.....where it's peeking out from behind cones of yarn.

Tomorrow Linda and I set up our spinning group's display at the county fair. The fair is Wednesday-Saturday and many of our group will be there every day demonstrating/gabbing/eating fair food. This is the 100th anniversary of the county fair.

On the fire front - Firefighters are doing an incredible job of keeping these fires from exploding even more and gobbling up additional acreage and homes, that's here in SW Oregon. There are still different levels of evacuation orders in place but they've been downgraded. Right over the border our neighbors in Northern California are having a tough time, more evacuations every day.  This weekend more dry thunderstorms are predicted area wide -it will be a 'hold your breath' environment the next several days. Have I said yet today I hate fire season???   7 more weeks of fire season, give or take.......most probably give.......