Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Majestic buck

There are 4 huge bucks that hang right outside the kitchen window - by the time I got the camera this morning they had moved up on the hill maybe 30 feet away. By the looks of the lawn they're sleeping there overnight...I'm sure it's much more comfy than this brown crackly stuff on the rest of our acreage.

Look at the rack on this guy - how beautiful.  The other 3 have racks just as impressive. I think he's been sharpening his. This afternoon as I was filling up the hummingbird feeder I was hearing footfall down the ravine on the side of the house, then clanking - no one should be down there so I was getting a bit worried about what it was.....then it dawned on me - it was the antlers clanking against each other as the bucks were facing off. I was only able to catch a bit of the battle as they got closer to the house without disturbing them - not close enough for photos.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Got me a stick, got me a stick, a good stick, really good stick........ sand in my mouth, sand, sand in my mouth......'s in my teeth, gritty sand in my teeth......stick my tongue out....maybe it will go away....

 .....licking sand off my lips.....getting more sand in my teeth...... more sand in teeth Mom - see....see my mouth, see no sand......
This was a cool sight yesterday morning as the marine layer was burning looked like a fog rainbow over the inlet.

Nani slippers

These are Nani slippers - my Italian grandmother used to make these for everyone in the family - they're crocheted using Red Heart yarn. Everyone had them and treasured them. Nani has been gone for around 15 years now so Nani slippers have all worn out but my cousin Jim found these in his mother's things and he passed them on to me last, they haven't been worn yet, haven't been able to as they're probably the last Nani slippers in existence but I will this winter. Nani lived next door to me growing up and took care of me while my folks worked - she taught me how to crochet, embroider, sew, cook, bake, make sausage, pasta and probably everything else I know how to do these days with the exception of weaving, spinning and knitting.

We spent the past 5 days on the coast escaping the heat and doing a little work in the kitchen at the beach cottage.....well, actually Sam did a little a lot of work in the kitchen. Friday was spent getting the old dishwasher and stove out - what a production since they weren't installed/wired/plumbed correctly. I was so happy to get rid of them - the dishwasher sounded like a jet engine, the sound couldn't be escaped anywhere in the house or even out in the yard - this new one is so quiet we can sit in the living room (8 ft away) and hear the tv without even turning the sound up. And that old Jenn-air downdraft range couldn't be de-scummed even with sandblasting. Love this new simple smooth top range.....installing this was a challenge too because of previous wiring issues. There's still lots of work to do in the kitchen - I have to paint all the cabinets but that has to wait until we figure out countertop color - yesterday I found that to be overwhelming after bringing home samples. New flooring will eventually come but that will be last.

And this is the crowning glory of the kitchen right now. I saw sliding spice racks online and decided it was the perfect use for this skinny cabinet only most of them were too tall including the drawer space above or way too expensive as in close to $200 just for the sliding device and shelves. So, Sam bought the drawer slides and made this for me..........all for around $15.  I love it. I showed him the other skinny cabinet and a big deep cabinet on the dining room side of this peninsula so he can make sliding drawers for those too.

Friday, August 22, 2014


I got the yarn I was spinning at the fair plyed, blocked, ready to use.  On the top is the cashmere/silk blend.....I didn't have much of this roving but I still got 223 yards out of it, not sure what it will grow up to be.  On the bottom is the superfine merino that my friend Kathy G had done the dyeing on when she came over to help me on a dye day. I love it. I got 483 yards in a fingering weight size.  This colorway is sold out in my etsy shop as of this week, not to be repeated but maybe I can get close to it on a future dye day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the front lines

Here's neighbor Merle on the front lines of the Old Blue Mtn fire yesterday - it's the one near friends of mine.  He and his buddy own a fire truck, a water tender and bull dozer - this fire truck is working around the clock with him and his buddy working 12 hour shifts. Merle is in his 70's and works like a 40 year old, or maybe that's 30. Carol said he came home last night smelling like a smoked fish after working in that bowl for 12 hours - he was up and out before daybreak again today. I haven't seen a fire update yet this morning, hoping all went well in spite of the winds that kicked up yesterday afternoon and evening. I feel much better when the water tender is sitting up the hill from me filled with water.......  Have I said yet today that I hate fire season???  Well, yes, once so far, it's still early....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winding warps......

 Since it's too danged hot to be outside dyeing I'm inside winding warps to paint/dye. So far some in 2 different sizes of silk and some tencel. I do at least an 8 yard warp for 3 scarves (or I may add solids to it to make it wider for shawls) - after it's wound and I tie it off enough so it won't get tangled in the dyeing/rinsing process I label it and put it in a ziplock bag with all the info on that warp. I don't buy milk in the plastic jugs anymore but when I did I cut them all into pieces to use as markers for each warp - they're all lettered, they stand up to the dyeing process. After all the dyeing is finished I can match up the warps with the written details on them. Some warps are just one warp but more often than not there are at least 2 warps for a project that will get dyed differently.

Here they are getting piled into a plastic container waiting for the temps to come down just a bit so I can be outside dyeing.....think I'm going to need to get a bigger plastic container out of the closet as I plan on winding many more.

Fire season - it just doesn't let up. I thought a copter was landing on our property this morning it was so loud......but once it got right over us it climbed in did not have a bucket, was heading south. Thunderstorms again yesterday with lots of dry lightning, many fires started. Once again those of us on the far west of the valley missed them - phew. But there are fires near friends of mine in the Applegate, one person's road is even on a level 1 evacuation alert. There was a small fire around 2 blocks distance from where we used to live. They've really jumped on these fires, hopefully none of them will get very big. The wind has picked up this afternoon, never a good thing.  So, latest reports I'm reading and hearing on the news is that fire season may go into November - ACK - I'm not prepared for that, my countdown is 6-7 more weeks. They'll have to cart me off in a straight jacket if it goes into November........already we're all living like we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Too bad all the flooding rains elsewhere in the country couldn't be spread out a bit more and hit us.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spinning at the fair

The fair is over - this morning we went back to the fairgrounds to take down our display - whoo hoo - another year done.........had a great time as usual but am totally exhausted.  This was the second fiber I was spinning at the fair this week - cashmere/tussah silk - it is lovely. I only have 4 oz of it so I'll ply it with something else, maybe some silk thread....or rayon....or tencel. My friend Kathy suggested I put pearls or maybe sequins on the thread I ply it with.......will have to give it thought.

Now it's time to play catch-up here at home after playing all week.......stop on the way home from the fairgrounds this morning was at a local farm stand to pick up veggies to actually cook a real dinner tonight......been living on fair food for lunch and snacking for dinner.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

County Fair

This is the colorful roving I was spinning today at the fair - it's Superfine Merino from a dye day last month.......only I didn't dye it.  My friend Kathy G wanted to come over to help me dye only she doesn't spin and has never dyed roving.  I made her pick colors and dye 2 pounds on her own and this is what resulted - it's very fun.  I'm spinning up 8oz of it for her.  If you want to see what everyone was doing today at the fair go over to our spinning group's blog to check it out.

Rain !!!

As I was laying in bed contemplating getting up I started hearing the oh so rare drops of rain hitting the ground. This is usual for us in the summer and very welcome - by the time I got this picture taken and started writing this post it is letting up but that's 30 minutes of light rain - so much better than the dry lightning fire starting storms that have been coming through.

Many new fires started around the region the past couple of days from lightning strikes - one near a friend was thought to be under control at 100 acres but when the winds picked up yesterday afternoon it took off - this morning I heard on the news there are evacuations on order..........but exactly where? my friend? or at the other end of that road? The past few days fire reports are vague and spotty on the news, nothing much on the websites - maybe they're too busy getting on these new fires but sure would be nice to know what's happening. The Northern California fires just over the border are very scary, yesterday three firefighters didn't have time to get out of the way of the wall of flames and had to resort to using their fire shelters (a special blanket to cover with while laying on the ground as the fire passes by). They were lucky and made it through that experience.  Have I said yet today I hate fire season???

Today is the start of the county fair - I have to figure out a way to cover my wheel for the walk from the car to the building we're demo'ing in case it's still raining.  I'm only 15 minutes away but it's nice to know that Sam and Bailey will be holding down the fort at home in case of fire - I hate living under this threat all summer long......yeah, yeah.....whine and snivel - we could be dealing with the flash floods other areas of the country have been dealing with yesterday and today, very scary stuff.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Giveaway winner

There were only 2 people that commented on the post with the giveway for this book.....guess no one has a need for a great beading book or they've already got it.  I put the 2 into and #1 came up as the winner.  Tobie you've won the book. Email me with your complete name and mailing address and I'll get it out in the mail to you - cindiesam at yahoo dot com.  Congrats and happy beading!

New treasure from the sea

We couldn't stand the horribly hot weather here in the valley anymore and took off for a short trip to the coast on Saturday afternoon returning last night just in time for thunderstorms..........with dry lightning.........many new fires started to the east, 2 very close to friends of mine. Spotter planes will be flying these next few days looking for more. Not sure if there will be any in our area - we didn't get the brunt of the lightning but we did get some. I can't tell by the smell of smoke because it smells like smoke everywhere from the big fires in the region. More dry lightning forecast for today. (since writing this I looked at the lightning strike map - strikes just a few miles to the west of us, hopefully no fires will come out of those)

Not many treasures to be found on the beach this weekend but we did discover a new cockle shell.......well, at least new to us. Usually we see thousands like the few on the left side above. But look at all these very colorful shells we found this time - I looked them up in my shells of the northwest book and found they are Japanese littlenecks, also called Manilla Clams. They were introduced to the northwest from Japan in the 1930's and apparently are very tasty. I'm sure this isn't the first time they've been found on that beach but it's a first for us.  Several pieces of seaglass were found including 2 colors I rarely see - lavender and pale seaglass green. Sam found a fairly big yellow/gold agate - it's below the piece of lavender seaglass.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

County Fair 2014

This morning we set up our display at the county fair. We all sit in a big circle in front of it while demo'ing spinning but occasionally carding, felting, knitting, whatever. We used to get so many fleeces turned in for judging that we filled the table and two tiers in front of it.  No fleeces entered for judging by the time we left, friends Margie & Karen brought these just for show from their stashes.  I think a major problem is that last year they started charging a fee just to enter a fleece for judging. The display is getting a little worn looking with nothing much new other than Virginia's new hooked rug in the center.  So.....I have an idea for a theme for next year that our spinning group can work on during the winter - maybe we can get everyone to contribute something to show other than Linda, Virginia and me. More on that in a few months when I pull it all together. The fair runs Wednesday-Saturday - should be a fun time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A little of this, a little of that........

This week I decided I better start on a few holiday gifts, I didn't get too far but it's a start......unfortunately only dribs and drabs of them will show up here as I don't want the recipients to see them.  I love knitting and felting Lamb Pride yarn - very fun project - knitting in progress.
And a bit of inkle weaving for this years inklings - bet no one will be able to guess the theme looking at this blah inkle band.  I love my LeClerc Floor Inkle Loom - I have a 5 yard warp on here, the second warp in this grey color this week, this loom can hold another couple much more than a table inkle loom.

On the home front much of the week was spent in prep for painting, then the put the house back together mode. Three quarters of the inside of the house is now a pale grey - I love it. The guest/computer room and guest bath would have been done too except I love the wallpaper border and special paint job below that border too much to get rid of it. The two rooms that comprise the studio will never get painted unless we're moving - way too much crap to move out of the way....and the walls don't show anyhow.....and the paint still looks new.....where it's peeking out from behind cones of yarn.

Tomorrow Linda and I set up our spinning group's display at the county fair. The fair is Wednesday-Saturday and many of our group will be there every day demonstrating/gabbing/eating fair food. This is the 100th anniversary of the county fair.

On the fire front - Firefighters are doing an incredible job of keeping these fires from exploding even more and gobbling up additional acreage and homes, that's here in SW Oregon. There are still different levels of evacuation orders in place but they've been downgraded. Right over the border our neighbors in Northern California are having a tough time, more evacuations every day.  This weekend more dry thunderstorms are predicted area wide -it will be a 'hold your breath' environment the next several days. Have I said yet today I hate fire season???   7 more weeks of fire season, give or take.......most probably give.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In cataloging all my fiber/craft books last week I found a few duplicates.  I decided to have a giveaway of one of them.  The Beader's Companion by Judith Durant & Jean Campbell, published by Interweave Press.  My name is on the inside cover so it's not brand new, suitable to gift.....unless the recipient doesn't care that my name is in it.......  How did I get 2 of these great reference books you ask?  I had one, lent it out and forgot to write down who I lent it to, couldn't find who had it, so I bought another........then 6 months later the missing one showed up.

So, if you have an interest in a basic beading book just comment to this post, comment anything you'd like, what your weather is like, what you're up to today, what you like to create, doesn't matter.  I'll use to pull a winner's name on Tuesday evening, that's August 12th. I'll post the winner's name, if there's a way to get in touch with the winner I'll also email to get a mailing address. If there's no way to contact the winner I'll hope that person checks back and see their name as the winner and contact me. If I don't hear from the winner within 2 weeks I'll pull another name.

UPDATE:  Toby you have won the book, please email me with your complete name and mailing address -  cindiesam at yahoo dot com

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I hate fire summer mantra.........

The Oregon Gulch Fire, part of the Beaver Complex Fires, held a bit today as opposed to gobbling up everything in it's path. This fire is not a danger to us here on the west side of the valley but friend and blogger Theresa (camprunamuck) is on Level 1 Evacuation notice. She lives not only on the east side but up in the mountains close to where the fire started. You can read more about it on her blog. Send positive thoughts her way and for the other 200 homes in danger at the moment.  Up until today each time I looked at fire info online it seemed like the fire doubled in size - it's now at 32,000+ acres and only 10% contained. The heavy smoke today in the entire region helped keep the temperatures down and keep more lightning at bay. Keep the firefighters in your thoughts too, they're incredible and are dealing with horrendous heat fighting many fires in our area. (this picture was from a fire website, I can't see this from where I live)

So far we on the west side have been spared the dry lightning storms but it doesn't stop us from thinking about the possibility of a destructive fire and having a fire plan in place. I heard a copter fly over our house mid-day, no bucket on it, not sure if it was looking for fires or what, haven't heard anything since...which is good. We're only halfway through fire season which usually ends in October. Many times we'll get a day or two of rain in the end of September, not enough to end fire season but a welcome relief.

So to make fire season even worse we're in our second year of drought and have been dealing with record high temperatures. Here in Grants Pass July was a record setter for heat, hottest July ever (since records were kept). We had 15 days of 100 degrees or more and the rest of the month wasn't much below 100.  It's been brutal. No wonder I've only gotten 2 dye days in this summer, the only 2 days when the temperature was close to 90.

On the fiber front - not much happening here other than a bit of knitting. It's just been too danged hot to expend energy winding a warp. I'm starting to give thought to holiday gifts. I have been getting the house ready for interior painting which starts tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New shoes.........

New shoes arrived in the mail yesterday - whoo hoo.  Friend Kathy B was wearing a pair of these at the last spinning get together, I tried them on and decided I needed some. They're called Jambu. She bought them from ShopHQ, someone she works with is the ultimate shopper and this is where they were the best price.  The bottom and toes are similar to Keens, one of my favorite shoe brands.

So I could just stop at one pair - I needed the green because I love this shade of green and wear it often. I can wear these pretty much all winter long here with some lightweight socks.

Now my friend Loyce turned me on to these shoes, Corky's, also similar bottoms and toes to Keens. What enablers my friends are. She bought hers from Amazon, I bought mine from ShopHQ just because I was buying the others there. I was a little worried about these fitting but they fit perfectly. They only came in whole sizes and I wear an 8 or 8 1/2 depending on the shoe brand - I read the reviews that said they ran a little small but was still worried about ordering a 9 - they fit perfectly. There are so many different styles - I might have to get another pair in a few months. Same as the others, I can wear these in the winter much of the time.

This was what I was up to yesterday afternoon after twisting fringe on another chenille shawl and listing it my etsy shop.  A long overdue chore of recording all my (important) books in a spreadsheet in case of fire. I have so many out of print weaving books. And even though I've taken photos of book shelves while documenting our household I could never remember all the books. It took hours to get through the weaving, spinning and dyeing books. This morning I'll finish up with the knitting, crocheting, quilting, craft books. These shouldn't take as long - at least that's what I think.......I also thought I'd get the entire job done yesterday afternoon. That blue book on ikat along with 3 on kumihimo were a challenge as they were written in Japanese.......finally just had to write a small description since I can't translate the titles or authors names.

Forest fires have been gobbling up Oregon acreage this year, mostly in Central Oregon but last week there were 39 lightning caused fires in our area, luckily all taken care of quickly. We, on the extreme west side of the valley heard the thunder but got none of the lightning but this week may be a different story - dry lightning expected for the next 7 days including us on the west side.

A fire 25 miles to the south of us is now 90% contained - relatives of mine lived there for 28 years until they moved to MT 6 years ago, their former home is currently being protected by fire crews. Saw in the fire calls that it started as a grass fire........hmm, don't think this one was lightning caused as there was no lightning reported there.......probably human caused.......

Have I said recently that I hate fire season?  Sam hears it everyday. We're only halfway through fire season (if we're lucky) and the worst is yet to come as everything dries out even more. Fire season will probably not be over until October but sometimes we get much welcomed rain in late September.

Now off to finish up my library inventory so if a wild fire did come through here I'd have a record of all the books I'd want to replace.....and yes, that list along with photos of everything in the house are kept elsewhere........

Monday, July 28, 2014

New roving in etsy shop

I finally listed some newly dyed rovings in the etsy shop. Last night while we watched tv I spun up small sample skeins of each roving.  Not sure when I'll get back to the dyepots with the 100+ degree temps. This week will definitely be a week of inside projects.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

I haven't posted any Etsy Treasuries I've put together lately, I've made many, just run out of time to get them up here on my blog to share.  Today because I love dogs I thought I'd share my latest one. As always it features fellow members of the etsy team Handweavers of some fun dog finds from other etsy shops.  Visit it HERE - favorite it, favorite the items and shops, enjoy.......maybe do a little shopping......there's something in this treasury calling Bailey's name..........

Friday, July 25, 2014

Another dye day.....rather morning.....

This morning I thought I'd take advantage of the cooler temps, this afternoon back into the 90's, after that for at least the next week into the 100's again so I had to sneak in some more dyeing while I could stand the temps.  This morning it was merino/tencel. I was focusing on silvers and golds as I have customers asking for them. But then that last little bit I had to throw in some color - purples.

I'm thinking I love these purples so much I might have to keep this roving and spin it for myself.

Red and Black Scarves ready to sell

I finally got the fringe twisted on the red and black tencel scarves and photography work done........such as it is. I sent pix off to my customer who said she'd like the first scarf so it's up in the etsy shop as a reserved listing waiting for her to purchase. The other 2 scarves are also up in the shop for sale......hopefully someone will fall in love with them, they are lovely but so often pictures just don't do them least when I'm taking the pictures...........

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pay it forward...........

Ok, so let's see how many of you out there I can get to try Fireball Cinnamon Whisky - straight, on the rocks.  Friend Teresa from over on the coast introduced me to this at the NWRSA conference last month. You all don't know me but I'm not a big drinker, I like a glass of wine here and there, I have some favorite after dinner liquors once in a while, but when it comes to straight alcohol I want it disguised in a fruity drink with salt, sugar or fruit on the lip of the glass and a pretty umbrella.

We went back to Teresa's room as she  had something for us to try (me and Pat) she pulled out the Fireball. I was skeptical but am up for anything......well, almost anything, I'm not eating jellyfish in a Chinese restaurant, been stung by too many over the years. I tried the Fireball and loved it. I immediately texted Sam knowing my cousin Jim was with him and would be traveling into CA, then back into OR to get home which means cheaper liquor store over the CA border.

Text from me - Tell Jim to pick me up 2 bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Text from Sam - Really????
Text from me - Yes, really
Text from Sam - A fifth?
Text from me thinking a fifth is tiny - No a big bottle, 2 big bottles
Text From Sam - Ok, how much have you drunk to want 2 gallons of this stuff?

Since then I've enabled friend Kathy B up at the Complex Weavers Conference, she even tried it one night mixed with cranberry juice at the suggestion of the bar tender. We're thinking it might taste good in hot apple cider this fall. I told neighbor Carol about it, her husband Merle picked her up a bottle last week.  Now, who out there is willing to give this a try??? I did see it in those tiny little bottles at the checkout at the liquor store so you wouldn't have to invest in an entire bottle to give it a try. Lest you all think I'm a lush, not so......I might have a little glass of it once a week if that...... 

Blame it all on Teresa if you love it........

Dye day

Today the temps were in the low 80's, only in the 50's in the morning - a perfect day for dyeing. What a change from the 100+ temps for the past few weeks.....but it's coming back - 100's starting Saturday all the way through next week.  Friend Kathy G asked if she could come over and help me, she's not a spinner so doesn't deal with roving but that didn't matter.  It was a fun day of dyeing and visiting.

I asked Kathy if she wanted to dye 2 pounds of roving - she mixed up southwest colors.

There's Kathy's roving on the left,  a bit brighter than southwest colors now but really nice.

Dyeing hundreds of pounds of roving every summer is wearing me out so this summer I'm only dyeing around 50 pounds. It's hard on the body standing on concrete all day plus I want to spend more time painting/dyeing warps for weaving.  Those will come after the roving is all dyed..........and after I wind a ton of warps.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New towels in shop........

I had a special order for some of the embroidered 'I heart weaving' towels in blue so I decided to make some extras - there are 2 of the blue and 2 of the red now available in my etsy shop. I sold out of them a while back but just didn't have the time to stitch more - today I made the time. What a great gift for the weaving friends in our lives......or for ourselves........come to think of it I don't have any for myself......hmm, think I might have to make myself a set in sage greens.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

On a whim......

On a whim I entered the Webs 40th Anniversary Contest back in May. There were 4 categories that were to have 3 winners in each; First Place, Runner-Up and Honorable Mention. All weavings had to use at least 75% Webs Valley yarns in them - Webs is where I buy my tencel so my scarf used 100% of their yarn. I sent photographs of one of my Iranian Tilework scarves to Webs, it was judged in the accessories category and made it to the finals. Final judging took place last week but winners weren't announced until 7:30 east coast time tonight in the Webs booth at Convergence in Rhode Island. I received an email this evening with the list of the winners - My Scarf got Honorable Mention. There were actually 2 honorable mentions in that category so the judging must have been difficult. I won't get my scarf back until fall as it will be in an exhibit at Webs for National Spinning & Weaving week the first week of October. I'm hoping they post pictures of all the winners on their website because I'd love to see them. Oh, and a fun thing is that I get a gift certificate to Webs - hmm, maybe some black silk in my future........ 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 There is a spectacular sunset tonight - this is looking off the deck.......

.....this taken less than 5 minutes later......

From one warp.........

Here are 3 scarves that came off the same painted rayon flake warp. The same scarf, just a bit different colorway. I love tencel but when I use rayon in the warp and tencel in the weft I love it even more - these scarves are so soft and drapey, I love the feel of them. I put them up for sale in my etsy shop although I keep eyeing one of them to keep for myself......will give it thought.

It's that time of year again - blueberry time......blueberries in smoothies, yogurt and on cereal. After I got home from town today I 'had' to bake a blueberry pie - it's not a beautifully made pie but I'm sure it's going to taste yummy........with vanilla bean ice cream tonight........

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the needles.......

I finished knitting a slouch hat the other evening and looking in my knitting bag I found around 1" of this sock on the needles so I pulled it out, figured out what I had done months ago, and got to knitting on it last night. It's a feather and fan pattern, I'm using some Opal yarn from my stash. This may go on the back burner again for a bit as I want to get back to knitting on the felted bag in the evenings and there are a couple shawlettes waiting in the wings..........

Forecast for 107 seems to have been downgraded.......maybe 104 matter, it's still hot.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I've made some progress on the tencel warp put on the loom yesterday. I finally cried 'uncle' due to the heat. Scarf #3 will have to wait and since I haven't decided on the weft color yet that's ok. I got some good feedback on colors to consider and tried them out in-between these scarves - the navy blue is a thought but I'm not positive yet. I've been wondering about gold with the red and black, will have to give that a try before starting the final scarf.

Here's the scarf using the same red for the weft as was used in the warp. This is what I'm thinking might interest my customer the most from what she said....or not......   The white grosgrain ribbon is my measuring 'tape'. I have it marked for 60", 65", 68" and 70" - I generally weave a scarf 70". I also have it marked at the midway point for 65" & 70" as there are times when I'm weaving something with a definite direction that I want to reverse mid point in the scarf.

Here's the version with the black weft. I like both of these scarves but the black one is really striking. I love this pattern so much I might just have to weave some towels next using it.  I got the draft out of the Carol Strickler 8 Harness book, pgs 106 & 107 #384-3.

Now off to find something else to work on up here in the air-conditioning...........