Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Leather Journals

I've finally taken some time to do the photography work so I could list some of my handmade leather journals in my etsy shop. I got these 6 listed today, more to come when I have time to do more photography work, which I so struggle with. These have high quality watercolor paper pages which are great for painting on but work just as well for writing or drawing. The inside cover pages vary from my hand stenciled designs to my handpainted paste paper to Japanese paper. They are $50, shipping included. Check them out HERE.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

More towels

 Been weaving away on the towel warp during snippets of free time - here a tan weft...... a teal weft......

here a peach weft......two of each color.....will have 2 more to weave on this warp, haven't decided on color yet.

I'm thrilled that I can weave and I also successfully spun on Tuesday with no issues.  I don't think I mentioned here I was having an issue with my hand/thumb area on my right hand. The pain was a turn my stomach pain, it was hard to do even the simplest things, I iced it on and off, I wore a brace most of the day and always while I slept, am still wearing it while sleeping. I'm sure it was from overuse when I was spinning at the fair all day long for days in mid-August, I had also been spinning every evening for a couple weeks before the fair. I was able to sew first but only because I used a rotary cutter, I could not work scissors. I still haven't tried knitting, not going to push it as that can bother my hands on a good day. I'm still babying it, not doing one activity for very long as not to inflame it again, it's still a bit sore but not bad. So, I am far behind on holiday gifts, this may be the holiday season of no handmade gifts from me.