Monday, May 21, 2012

Spent the weekend on the coast and didn't pick up the knitting needles or drop spindle once. I painted a couple pieces of furniture...many more to be painted in the next few months. We walked on the beach and relaxed. Didn't even start my book, just read a couple of magazines. Had a great dinner at The Gallery at The Lodge at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Impeccable service, yummy food.
I did pick up two more inexpensive otter prints for the otter wall. I already have others by the same two artists. When I have time to get to Michaels (in the next few weeks) I'll drop these off for framing using one of their 50%+ coupons.
Bailey has something new to add to his scrapbook - he made The World newspaper over on the coast. That's him 4th column from the left on the top, I tried to put a pink arrow pointing to him. Unfortunately he didn't win the contest, we really thought he should have, he was the cutest. I think a cat person was judging since 2 of the top 3 were cats. Not that there's anything wrong with cat people (we are dog people) we are not cat people because we're both allergic, if we weren't we would have a cat in addition to a dog. The one cat did have a great caption - "He's a male siamese, he likes nothing, nothing at all" - and he did look pretty grumpy in his picture.

Not sure how much will happen here fiber wise this week - many things on the to-do list....first off is to get the weaving guild newsletter started, finished and out of here - it's my last one - whoo hoo!

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