Wednesday, May 9, 2012

more supplementary warp.....

Today I decided instead of putting a warp on the AVL I wanted to weave another set of supplementary warp tencel again, with a variegated ribbon. Not as much ribbon as I would have liked, those little balls really don't have much yardage on them, especially when it's a warp  for 4 scarves. I've picked out the weft for 3 of the scarves, thinking on the 4th one still. Trying to weave with colors I might not usually pick, after all I sell these and not everyone wants to wear only the colors I chartreuse and yellow. As I'm weaving I'm giving thought to one more supplementary warp but maybe this time with the ground fabric in a twill.....will give it thought.....

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  1. I'm not quite sure what "supplimental warp" means but this scarf sure is pretty. The colors are so happy. It must have made you smile the whole time you worked on it. :-)


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