Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the needles.....

I decided last night I needed to get something on the needles to work on. I've always got socks going but save those for riding in the car or sitting in meetings since they're portable. I want something to work on while we sit and watch tv in the evenings. I've knit several lacey shawls, which I love, they do give a little warmth but I really want a shawl that's purpose will be to keep me warm. I saw Shaelyn on Ravelry and thought it would work perfectly - a little lace but lots of stockinette. I knit the first repeat last night - tonight will start on the next lace section. The yarn is my handspun, Ashland Bay's Merino/Tussah in the Del Mar colorway.

I cut out another top pattern yesterday, it's for a sleeveless version of the gingko top I made this winter. I'm working with another slippery sheer. Was struggling cutting out the pattern and then thought, why not use the rotary cutter so I slid the mat under the fabric and it worked perfectly. Of course after I got it cut out I realized that I had cut out the front and back for the version with sleeves, stupid me didn't look at the pattern closely and realize there were different front and back pieces for the sleeveless version. I walked away from it but will go back to it later this afternoon - I think the only difference is a lower neckline, if so I'll fix that and be on my way. I sampled sewing on this sheer and figured out a nice way to make a super narrow hem. I do have to make or use bias tape for the neck & sleeve edges though and I'm concerned with it looking good - will definitely make my own bias tape from the same fabric so it doesn't show too much. This should be a super quick sew - we'll see if it really is with my slippery fabric choice.

On the weaving front...nada, nothing, zilch! This week and next are crazy busy and I'm not sure if I'll get to the loom or not.....makes for a grumpy me after a while.

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  1. I just cast on for a project, for the same reason you did - I need some living room knitting. Pretty colors!


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