Tuesday, May 15, 2012

soon to be.....

For lack of having anything else to show for my time I thought I'd show something.......anything.......13 colors of Cascade 220 wool yarn I'm auditioning for a granny square afghan. I have some other colors but I think this is the final selection....I think. I started out wanting sand/sea colors but needed some accents to add to them hence the rose/pink/lavendars. Not sure when this project will get started but buying the yarn and picking colors is a big accomplishment.

On the weaving front - finished that one supplementary warp scarf from the end of last week and the ribbon started shredding - argh! So, out comes the ribbon, I thought I'd just weave them plain, wove around 6" and decided the supplementary warp (ribbon) is what made the scarves so I walked away from the loom. Will ponder what to do next.....in the meantime I blinged up 6 t-shirts with blingy rhinestone designs - usually so not me but I love them. Today was my spinning get together, brought sock knitting which I made a mistake on so need to frog around 6 rows....will work on that this evening. Am thinking of sewing this week.......will sleep on it.....


  1. Super colors, I can't wait to see the progress on the afghan... I am working on a small red, white and blue crochet lap blanket myself right now...although rate I am going it will be the 4th of July before I even finish it :)

  2. I'll be lucky if I start this one by 4th of July! It's a long term project to work on in-between all the others. I'll post pictures as I go.


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