Thursday, May 10, 2012

no weaving today.....

...have weaving on my mind but it's such a beautiful day I decided it was time to add some color to the deck....3 nurseries and a stop at the grocery store in the am.....planting early afternoon....6 hanging baskets, 4 deck planters, several round pots later and the deck is looking much revived....just wait until it fills in, will be a real show then. So for the rest of the day that swing with a view of the flowers and my book are looking pretty inviting....the loom will still be there tomorrow.....


  1. So pretty and look at your basil - jealous. I grow mine in pots and then have to surround it with rabbitguard. Sheesh.

  2. our deck is one story up so no bunnies or deer can get my basil, if they could get through that gate at the bottom of the deck steps and walk up we'd be in trouble....somehow the little tree frogs make it up and live in the pots all summer.

  3. I'm impressed that you can put your basil outside now. I have to wait til June, just in case. The deck looks very inviting!


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