Thursday, May 24, 2012


That's what I think of this - it's just so-so..... I hated working with this sheer fabric, I thought I didn't enjoy the last sheer fabric but at least it had some body to it, this was like working with gauze made of the finest silk, sett very loose. And no, this sheer is not silk - it's some sort of synthetic which I found out when I had the foresight to iron on a scrap piece. It immediately melted, iron needed to cleaned off, temp lowered. Can't remember where I saw this hint for cleaning off an iron, on someone's blog, website, tv, magazine.....use one of those Eraser Pads for cleaning, just iron on the pad with steam, works like a charm. Funny thing, the armholes are larger than the version with set in sleeves but they're pretty tight once I put it on. I'm usually not much of a 'blue' person .....lots of blue on the remnant tables lately. It will look fine with a black tank top underneath and black crop pants, might even look good with all white. Hmm, looks like there's a school of fish swimming across it in the photo - no fish looking on it in person.....

On another note - I think I like this shower curtain as a backdrop in the studio bathroom better than my felt gray backdrop I use for photos for the etsy shop. I don't know if it's the off-white color or the great lighting in the bathroom. Since the mannequin lives in that bathroom I may make it easy on myself and take pictures in there next time I have items ready to list.


  1. Light fabrics are challenge. Honestly unless it's silk I avoid them all together. Nice article in the most recent issue of Threads about working with fine fabrics.
    It is a lovely print though and I think would look fab worn as you said. Don't forget charcoal grey, it's so "in" these days too.

  2. Yes, it would look great with gray too and I've got a gray tank top. I think I'll buy super sheer tops commercially sewn from now on - semi sheer fabric has enough body to keep sewing with.

  3. I like it - like the cut, like the color. You are in a blue mood, aren't you.


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