Friday, January 13, 2012

Some progress....

There's some progress on the AVL front although slow in coming this week because I was playing elsewhere teaching a friend how to use the embroidery machine (yes, I enabled her to buy one like mine), and two leisurely lunches out with friends. And then there was more troubleshooting with the AVL.
So, this warp got wound on the back beam yesterday, threaded and then just late this afternoon I had time to tie on the front beam and start weaving. Still some hiccups like the loom deciding all of a sudden it's not raising harnesses anymore, not sure what's up with that but I got past it by rebooting the program, a few other hiccups that stopped me in my tracks too so I never got in a real rhythm until the last couple of inches so I'm not entirely satisfied with my beat, it's not perfectly even.

So, what's on the loom for my first project - a warp for three scarves in Bambu 7, not positive the colors for the next two scarves, maybe a copper weft for one, maybe purple or chartruese for the other....will decide when I get there. I found this draft in the Complex Weavers Book that comes with a CD of the drafts. This was originally Horizontal Ribbons (sorry, can't remember the designer's name right now and I'm too lazy to walk downstairs to the studio) which I turned in the Weave Point software to make Vertical Ribbons. In the turning it went from 24 harnesses to 32 harnesses.

Eventually I'll get to learning more about designing my own drafts in Weave Point but for now I'll be searching for others published patterns to weave. Learning the software and designing will take a while.

This loom is still a challenge, I get past one quality/defect/lack of documentation hurdle and another pops hoping that soon all the bugs will be worked out/replaced/repaired so my only challenges are the ones I create myself! Melody, my in the field AVL techie, is incredible - when I write with a question she gets right back to me....last night she even polled other AVL weavers to find an answer to my question which solves a problem for her too, I guess we'll all learn together......although it would be really nice to have a good manual with the basics.


  1. Looks great and like you are making progress! Hope the technical difficulties get resolved fast. Give yourself a pat on the back, you had to deal with so much that was out of your control with this loom.

  2. Well yippeeeee! It looks quite nice and considering all the hurdles you've been through with this loom, I think some beautiful payback is long overdue. Have fun!

  3. It's been a lot of work to get here but you sure have made a lot of progress. I hope there aren't many bugs left to work out. It's looking great! :-)

  4. Hey there. Found your blog on here literally just by chance. Like it! I'm in the medford area, which makes this the first time I've seen a blog from ANYONE anywhere near me lol :) Glad I found your. Have a good day!

  5. Hi crazywoman - glad you stopped by, hope you come by again to see what I'm up to. Do you have a blog too?

  6. I don't know of anyone who has an AVL who hasn't crossed the hurdles and then gone on to be a maniac weaver. You're well on your way to being a maniac :)


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