Saturday, January 7, 2012

maybe, just maybe.....

Maybe I'm holding my mouth right today....well, there's a little bit of a crook in my lip but...
....things are going better this afternoon with the AVL. I know, I know, this is not exciting looking from 40 harnesses but it's perfect for working out the bugs, I can easily see that harnesses are lifting when they should. The zig-zag areas are where I was trying out the reverse button in the program, then clicked the tabby button. Did have a loose thread which caused me to think I had missed the hole in the texsolv heddle so I went back to running it through all 40 harnesses one at a time to check and they were only lifting an inch - argh! I'm not sure what that issue was but I turned everything off and started again with this pattern and it was lifting just fine. Also had some error message come up a couple times, never figured that one out and didn't write it down fast enough. So far, in this mere 8" of weaving I haven't had harnesses catch on each other as they come down...has been a major issue - this is a good thing. Do need to write my AVL guru Melody with a couple questions today.....I know she'll have the answers.

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  1. Whew! So glad things are starting to work out with your new AVL.


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