Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sheesh...wasted day.....

Today has been a wasted least in my mind...sure wish I wouldn't beat up on myself like that. I decided after filling orders that it was time to put the cords on the sectional beam of the AVL. This was what I assumed to be a simple quick job....NOT - although it really should have been had  it not been for me doing myself in. I made a jig on my warping board to cut the linen thread to make a doubled over cord for the beam. Well, who knew that even cutting 8 linen threads, hanging them over my shoulders to pull from, that they would all tangle up in the 10ft walk to the warping board - argh. So, I spent quite a bit of time untangling. From then on I only cut 4 lengths at a time....which still tangled.
Then there was getting the cords onto the back beam which is hidden inside these wooden pieces. I found my locker hooking needle which is like a long crochet hook to pull the ends around the steel beam, not a 5 second job like I would have thought...especially when one keeps dropping the locker hook on the floor. And then there was measuring out more linen only to knock over a huge mug of ice water all over my desk, all over the phone and into a file cabinet. The phone was one of the couple in the house that are the 'old fashioned' phones so we'll still have phone when the power goes out and kills the cordless phones. At this point I felt my head was going to explode, I don't have high blood pressure but I swear it was through the roof by the way my head felt. But I kept on going....
Here's the back of the loom, half the cords on. I forced myself to finish before breaking for lunch....made for a very late lunch. I got the front beam apron on, heddles moved to the sides so it's ready to put a warp on. If you're wondering about the sectional beam, there are steel dividers that pop right in those holes but I'm not putting this first warp on sectionally, a 2 yard warp will be easy just to wind on like regular. I had plans of getting a sample warp on today but just didn't have it in me. I don't like the feelings I've had about this loom from the day it arrived, too many manufacturing issues, lack of documentation, waiting for replacement parts, lack of support until I was finally put in touch with Melody up in Portland for tech support, she's wonderful. Every other loom I've owned has been great from day one, never an issue. I know we'll become friends but it wasn't happening today...but tomorrow is a new day and a warp will be going on this baby.

Now that it's late afternoon there's no use working in the studio anymore.....spinning in front of the fire sounds way better for my mental health...and maybe a little glass of wine, just a little one...


  1. You're going to be happy with it after you get acquainted. I've read this in a couple other blogs. You all keep me from wanting to branch out to new looms. It's comforting to work with the devil I know :)

  2. Some days are like that. And at least the things you are doing on the loom are "one time" things (I hope).

    Hope the loom gets up and running for you soon!


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