Monday, January 2, 2012

Goings on at the coast.....

We've been on the coast since Friday, it's been great relaxed long holiday weekend. Temps have been mild...upper 50's/low 60's, sunny and blue sky........until the wee hours of the morning today when the front rolled in. It arrived with what we'd consider hurricane force winds on the east coast, some rain early on but sunny now......but still strong winds, strong enough to keep knocking the satellite dish around so we lose reception. Very sad but we must leave and head home in a few minutes, only a 2 1/2 hour drive but a world away.
My friend Kathy B found this afghan in her mother's things and thought the colors would fit right in at the beach cottage. The squares were crocheted and and all sewn together but no border and there were hundreds of ends on the backside to be woven in. I finished it up and it's been put into action keeping me snuggly warm.
Here are the new pair of socks on the needles, I decided I need a pair of pink socks. I don't have the book with me to tell you what the pattern is but I do know they're called Slouch Socks and I 'think' they come from the book, Socks Socks Socks.....but I could be wrong......

Ready to head out and say goodbye to the coast......think a stop at A&W is on the agenda to get sugar-free rootbeer floats for the ride home.


  1. I like the colors in that afgan. Very pretty. Your sock yarn is pretty too! Happy knitting and happy new year!

  2. Good for you finishing that afghan. Sometimes the finishing up is the hardest part for me and I tend to abandon my projects mostly done, with strings and ends hanging. It looks like a perfect beach cozy!

    Funny how locations can be close timewise, but worlds away feeling-wise. We just moved 30 minutes away from our previous home, from beach area to desert, and I'm amazed at how different things are, in a good way. I'm glad you enjoyed your time!

  3. What a great granny square blanket. I had one from my mother and it's gone missing. Treasure that one.


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