Sunday, January 8, 2012

easy to make me happy....

In spite of my complaining lately it really doesn't take much to make me happy. Today it's this great pickle mix and mandarins bought at Costco on Friday. I bought 2 giant jars of the pickles and am wondering if it's enough....and the mandarins are to die for, like eating candy.

Been doing alot of thinking...still...about what direction I want to go in this year. I know in my heart it's to do more weaving like I've done for years. Recently selling roving, commercially prepared and my hand-dyed has taken up so much time. So, definitely a cut back there. Also, I've decided I really don't want to teach - I didn't do much last year and would like to totally cut it out of my schedule. As fulfilling as it can be it takes so much of my time in preparation, I'd like to spend that time doing other things. This doesn't mean I won't teach friends things when they need help or guild guild programs, I just won't be teaching classes anymore.

This week is going to be busy - two lunch dates and helping a friend learn about the embroidery machine since she just bought one....yes, I probably did enable that a bit...I'm good at that. And tops on the schedule is finishing up a few things - I have too many items that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Yesterday afternoon I got the 35 pounds of roving weighed, bagged, labeled and put into stock. Tomorrow I've got to do one of my least favorite chores - photography - but if I don't take pictures of my fiber goods to list them they'll never sell. And then I've got a chenille scarf warp on the Macomber that's been there way too long - need to get that woven off, scarves washed, fringes twisted and ready to sell. Then I'll get back to the AVL, want to get a 'real' warp on it.

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  1. Tomorrow is my Costco day - first time since before Christmas. I'm a pickle freak so will see we have that mix. I got some special baby pickles last trip but I'm missing my plain Vlasic dills. One can never have too many pickles, at least this one can't.

    I'm with you on rethinking this year. I want to inwardly driven, not outwardly. It's going to require so discipline and introspection.


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