Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy daze.....

Yesterday was a weaving guild meeting, very fun to get to visit with everyone. The program was needlewoven necklaces that fellow guild member Thalia led everyone in getting started on. I didn't do it, have done it several times in the past so I took the opportunity to work on a knit/felted bag for a customer.....and visit....
I finished up the bag this afternoon, it's been felted and is now sitting by the fire to dry, it will probably take a few days. It has a little flap that will close it and I think one of my wooden leaf buttons will be perfect on it with a magnetic snap underneath. I've made several of these bags needlefelting designs on them but I don't know as if Janis wants a design on this one....will be checking with her once it dries.
You looking at me???

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  1. Your bag is a great size and looks so textural and pretty!


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