Friday, January 20, 2012

Be still my heart....

This is becoming monotonous - I can't say anything bad about the AVL for a second warp....this is a good thing, an excellent thing. Today I wound a warp for 3 scarves; 8/2 tencel warp, 30 epi for this heart pattern. This is my spreading out the warp area/checking the pattern. Scarves will not be using a white weft but it doesn't look half bad. Not sure what the white is, just something left on a bobbin. This draft is out of the Complex Weavers Greatest Hits book - 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' by Charlotte Lindsay Allison.

On the AVL - a great feature is that I can put the draft in tromp as writ and it will raise each harness for threading the heddle. Thing I don't like is the texsolv heddles just because I'm slower threading them, they don't slide easily like metal ones, but can't have the weight of metal heddles on a loom with this many harnesses.

On the weather front - we hadn't had much rain at all since early June, these past three days is making up for all those dry months - it's raining pitchforks and shovels as my friend JoAnn on the coast would say. There is flooding here locally and even more so on the coast where they're getting even heavier rain...and winds to go along with it. And there's snow in the mountains.....finally.....


  1. I'm so glad your loom is working out better and better. Your sample is adorable!

  2. Oh Cindie, I love that red and white, I'm thinking it would make a wonderful festive scarf or runner.
    If you are just doing it as a small test sample, PLEASE save it for me. I can use it on something. I find red and white so appealing.
    And oh what happy news that the AVL is becoming a good weaving buddy. You'll get use to the texsolv.
    I love how quiet it is and how easy on the warp threads
    it can be too.
    Happy weaving, perfect weather for it that's for sure.

  3. Hooray! Glad to hear the loom is starting to behave itself and the sample looks great! I agree with Theresa, you get used to the texsolve heddles. I was pleased that my hands remembered exactly how to handle them when I threaded the loom this week. A quick motion with the thread and a tap with the hand and on to the next.

  4. I have texsolv heddles on the little Woolhouse table loom for workshops - solved the problem of them not sliding easily, raise all the harnesses with blocks of wood a 1/4"....but that's not possible with the AVL.

  5. AVL's are like floor looms to an Ashford knitters loom. Huh?

    I heard pouring rain last night and woke to snow which accumulated to a couple of inches and then melted by dinner. Whatz up wid dat?!

  6. Your hearts are beautiful!

    My loom has texsolve heddles and I love them! I use both hands to move a section of them at a time to the area I'm threading and sweep my hand up and down as I move the one I've threaded off to the side. Took a class with metal heddles and wasn't as happy.


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