Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow day sewing

I love this cutting mat turn table I bought a couple years ago - it makes cutting circles with the rotary cutter a breeze since I can rotate it.

Here's the quilted bee table runner I made today. This was another test. When I made the dragonfly table runner the other day I was following the instructions for a baby blanket so it should have been nice and cuddly...but it was really stiff, great for a table runner but not for a quilt. So I asked Luann for hints and she told me not to use the iron-on interfacing and to just cut the circle of batting like the fabric circles rather than cutting it into a square. Now it's a great feel for a quilt to cuddle up under. Next sewing on the agenda will be to start the circle quilted afghan........but before that I'll get a warp on the loom.

The snow stopped around mid-day.........and started up again around 2:30, been snowing really hard, big big flakes since then. Even lost tv because the satellite dish filled up with snow. I'm still loving being snowbound but I will have to start getting more creative with meals in another couple days if I can't get to the store.

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  1. I have no idea how to get those circles into whole cloth like that but the illusion is wonderful.


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