Sunday, January 1, 2017

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

 Day 8 of spinning - love every single packet I open, what a pleasure these fibers are to spin

The snow has continued off and on all day going back and forth from a light snow to a blizzard. Road cams in downtown show just wet roads, no snow.........we're 13 miles northwest of the city at a bit higher elevation and are getting dumped on. Picture was taken mid-day. So glad we don't have to go out in it although I would like to get to my spinning group on Tuesday but no plows come out this way so who knows what will happen as more snow is forecast and with the below freezing temps there's little chance of it melting.


  1. I have to poke my head out tomorrow and go to town and then to KF on Weds. Oh joy...
    Day 8 is awesome!

    1. You are much braver than me and I'm sure you have more snow at your elevation. I'm not going anywhere for the time being.


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