Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Back to making pancakes

Sunday and Monday I took some time to spend at the sewing machine sewing and turning the circles for the pancake quilt. I was really worried I'd get totally bored with making 77 pancakes but it was fun.
Today I quilted a 'X' in the center of each pancake. Then I went to the only floor space big enough to lay them out so I could make sure no two fabrics were next to each other on the front and the backs of the pancakes. First I got them laid out looking at the coral side to make sure no two were next to each other, then I turned them over to the teal side and had to start making swaps to avoid two next to each other. After I finished that I made a pile for each row and pinned a post it note on it with the row number. Next up will be sewing all the pancakes together.......not sure when it will all get done as I've got other things in the works but it will be the near future.  I just noticed in the photo that I've got one pancake turned upside down with the teal showing on top - need to go fix that now........


  1. Gosh it sounds like a lot of work. I am wildly intrigued as to how you are going to sew them together, but I will wait to see and I am sure love the results! Hope you do too!

    1. Amy, you can see my tests of this technique earlier this month in two table runners I made - one of the posts shows pretty clearly how the pancakes are sewn together. Check out the January 6th and January 9th post just a few weeks ago. This technique goes much quicker than I expected.

  2. It looks like a bunch of pretty frisbees! :-) I bet you are flying through that fabric stash.

  3. You have to show that to us when it's assembled. I can't imagine how those pancakes can make a cloth!


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