Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Enough already

These pix are so white that it's hard to tell that it's still snowing. Yes, this is unusual for the lower elevations. We are at a higher elevation from town so we're really getting hit hard but even on the outskirts of town there's quite a bit of snow.
Yes, that's my hummingbird feeder and thank goodness we're just above freezing since I forgot to bring it in overnight. We do have some hummers that stay all winter..........I'm not quite sure how they can make it in this weather but I guess they're tougher than they look. You can see Bailey down there in his fenced yard - he loves the snow. The snow that fell off the pine and fir trees due to its weight yesterday is piled back on this morning.

And here's looking out the front of the house. We've had some major power blips this morning but so far we haven't lost power like many others. Out in the country when one loses power it means we lose water because the well pump doesn't run. As insurance two days ago I filled the bathtubs with water as well as many drinking containers.

So today is another snow day, which I'm fine with, as long as we don't lose power.


  1. What a beautiful Winter Wonderland!

  2. Well, it sure looks pretty! Thankfully no snow to speak of here on the coast but bitter cold and windy. The highways over the coastal range are treacherous. Stay warm and cozy!


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