Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our first snow

This morning it seems fitting that the first snow of the year is on the first day of the year. It's snowed in the mountains already this winter but this is the first snow to fall on the valley floor..........well, at least I think it's on the valley floor, we're a bit higher in elevation than the valley floor. I woke up and there was no snow, in the time it took to let my teabag seep this is what it looked like. The forecast is for snow all day but who knows if that will happen, our weather forecasters are wrong all the time except in the summer when it's sunny and hot every single day.

No resolutions for the new year here - they're just a disappointment in my life when I don't follow through. I'll do as I've tried to do this past year, be the best person I can be in 2017.  I'm sure others were up late celebrating from the sound of what must have been pipe bombs (too loud for even the biggest guns) going off nearby. The biggest booms were coming from the pot grow that runs along the common driveway for us and three other homesteads, the property is actually accessed the next driveway down the road. (I won't even get started on what the big pot grows are doing to the landscape and crime in the area) New Year's Eve is just another night for us - no big deal, New Year's Day just another day - no big deal. No, this is not a continuation of my bah-humbug holiday mood this's how I've always felt about New Year's. But there is always a bright spot for the new year - time to put out the new calendars which I did first thing this morning.....I love that about New Year's Day.

I do wish you all the best in the new year, time for family, friends and many creative hours.

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