Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woven Rag Tote Bags

I finally got some time at the sewing machine yesterday to finish sewing together the rag tote bags. They're all lined with coordinating fabric and a pocket on the inside. The goal of weaving these and more to come is to rid my fabric cabinet of leftover cotton quilt fabrics, not sure I'm paring down the stash enough though. The bags are approximately 16" wide by 17" tall and around 3" wide at the bottom gusset. The strap is shoulder bag length. They'll make great knitting/project bags, grower's market bags, all around tote bags. They should be able to take quite a bit of weight but I wouldn't use them as a book bag full of heavy books or carry around bricks! They really aren't made to tolerate that much weight. Once I take better pictures they'll start showing up in my etsy shop. Still working on pricing, pretty much have the idea of what to charge but haven't firmed it up yet.
Medium Pink with pink english garden print lining
Light Pink with white/pink confetti print lining
Red with blue and white striped lining
Red with fun black & white cows on red fabric lining
Lavendar with tiny flowered lavendar lining
Purple with tiny purple flowers lining
These are the straps for the next 6 bags, hoping to get the warp on the loom tomorrow for them.

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