Friday, April 15, 2011

Rags, rags, rags..........

Yes, I'm still here. This week has been crazy busy but not much of it spent in the studio.......makes for a grouchy me being out of the studio so much.......and next week isn't looking much better. I'm still researching compu-dobby looms but haven't had time to talk with all that have offered to help me. I did find out that AVL will be at the ANWG weaving conference the beginning of June and they will be bringing a V-Series loom for me to see and try in person - this is great as I've seen the Louet and have seen other AVL models but not the one I'm considering. I finally finished sewing the last of the handwoven rag tote bags for a while, they'll show up in my etsy shop soon.....all I need to do is find time to take 5 decent pictures of each to get them listed.....oh, how I need more hours in my day! I now need to get back to other weaving and sewing, first up is the sparkley pink handwoven fabric that's been waiting for me to cut into it for my guild challenge.
Dark blue bag with dark blue floral lining
Medium blue with natural/light blue lining
Light greens with light green floral lining (this really is lighter than it looks in the picture) 
Dark green with dark green flowered chintz lining
Dark red/neutral stripes with natural/red floral lining
Dark red/tan with very fun farm seed packet print fabric lining


  1. Hmm, so if you do buy a compu-dobby, will you be setting a loom free?

  2. No, won't be giving up a loom....not sure where the Baby Mac will live yet, definitely will still be weaving on the large Macomber which I love.


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