Monday, April 25, 2011

Looks like a bumblebee!

My latest spinning project looks like a bumblebee! When I was dyeing 20 pounds of Polwarth I had had a 5.9oz piece of roving left (I weigh out 8oz lengths to dye) so I decided to play with the dyes. I took yellow and black and then mixed at least 8 containers of it varying the amount of each color starting at pure yellow, ending with pure black. I split the roving in half down the middle and spun each bobbin, then plyed so my resulting yarn goes from yellow to black. I ended up with approx 697 yards of fingering weight yarn (it's not washed yet so yardage may shrink a bit). I have no clue what it will eventually grow up to be........


  1. It DOES look like a bumblebee! Kind of nifty. I vote hate and matching fingerless glovezzzzzzzz. :0

  2. nah, don't think so because one piece will end up mostly yellow, one a mix, and one mostly black. I'll use it in something that's continuous like a scarf, shawl or maybe a piece of fabric for a vest.

  3. Those are my high school colors!


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