Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zauberball socks finally finished

The Zauberball socks are finally finished. I haven't been knitting on socks much lately, just here and there on the go, waiting somewhere, etc. Last night I finished these - love the color changes in the Zauberball sock yarn. I got another pair started using some Opal sock yarn - they're slouch socks, very cool colors, will post a picture once I get a bit more done so the color changes show up.

I used to always fret on having stripes match in socks but lately I've really been enjoying knitting fraternal twin socks. Although depending on how the new socks on the needles look I may start the second sock at the same place in the color repeat so these do match.


  1. Oh, I love them too! They look beautiful. I rarely worry about getting identical twins. I figure I'm lucky if they both come out the same size....I really should try two at a time, but I love DP needles.

  2. I've knit two at a time on circulars, on two circulars and on one (magic loop) I kept coming back to my double points - love them the best.


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