Monday, March 8, 2010

Afternoon at Liongate Farm

Yesterday afternoon was Sewing person handquilting so that counts as sewing, the rest knitting or spinning, many times needlefelting. This month it was out at Karen's place, Liongate Farm, in Wimer, OR - about 40 minutes from my place. Karen raises navajo churro sheep and tibetan mastiff's for sale. There were no new lambs to see yesterday, although the ewes are ready to pop, but there were ten 8 week old tibetan mastiff puppies - what cuties. Karen also does professional embroidery and creates the most wonderful needlefelted sheep and other handmade goods. Here's a link to the farm.......and here's one to her etsy shop. Below are some of the sheep - aren't those horns great!
Here are a couple of the puppies. I really should have had my camera out there with me when I was in the pen with them, but ran back out later to take a few pictures and didn't want to open the fencing by myself. I could just see 10 puppies pushing their way out and running loose all over the property. We are big dog people but these are the biggest puppies I've ever seen! The mom, dad and extended family are really big!

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