Friday, March 19, 2010

Fingertip towels finally (yes, finally) off the loom....

The fingertip towels for a multi-guild exchange are finally off the loom, washed and dried today. I certainly made a career out of those 14 I can move on. Above is a quick pic of each side of the towel border fresh out of the dryer, no ironing yet. On the right side of the picture was what was to be the front of the towel but I like the backside (left) too. Hmm, will have to make a decision before I pin up the hems....have a couple days before I get to that so time to think........


  1. Oh Cindy, both sides look beautiful, but I think I still like the "right" side best. You, a career out of those towels...hardly, but I bet you are itching to get on to something else wonderful just the same.

  2. I think I like the 'right' side better too. In the picture it's hard to see the pattern but it really does show up as a celtic knot in person.

    I usually don't make a career out of any warp - but all that solid plain weave in natural for the body of the towels was too boring for me right now.


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