Monday, March 15, 2010

New Ashland Bay fibers in stock

Here are pix of some of the new roving going up in one of my etsy shops this week. Top row merino in berry and cafe au lait, second row merino/tussah silk in ecru ready to dye, eggplant merino, third row glacier and celery in merino. I've also got back in stock a merino/bamboo blend in ecru ready to for dye and firestar in ecru to be added to other fibers for some sparkle, this takes acid dyes readily. As soon as it gets warmer out I'll be dyeing alot of firestar in a rainbow of colors.

While weighing, bagging and labeling these yesterday I had the cafe au lait, glacier and celery next to each other - wow, they would look great in a project together. Have many more pounds to weigh, bag and label, these are colors I had sold out of or am running low on - will fit that job in here and there this week.

On the schedule today is weaving but if it really gets up to 70 degrees out today after the fog burns off and sun comes out I may have to work a bit out in the yard cutting back lavendar and herbs that I should have done in the fall. Small amount of flower/herb beds are overwhelming right now - tons of grass coming up in them.....weeds are easy to pull, grass is another matter.

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