Sunday, March 14, 2010

So bright I can do surgery!

So ignore the mess, look at the track lighting - this is just one little corner of my studio and it's organized mess in my weaving world. Sam put up new track lighting for me over the two looms - it's so bright I could do surgery in the studio - it's great! Lighting at the looms was a challenge - I had clamp-on lights on each loom but it still wasn't enough. That's a shelving unit of 5/2 & 3/2 perle cotton - the 10/2 & 20/2 are on another shelving unit.......and then out of sight are all the shelves of 8/2 UKI unmercerized cotton, other unmercerized cottons, tencels, bamboos, silks, rayons, rayon chenille, wools, novelties, linen, cottolin, handspun, etc. etc. etc.  Knitting yarns, beads, fabrics, sewing machines, papers, stamps, stencils, etc. are in a separate room across the hall. And then there's the walk-in closet with dyes, spinning fibers and overflow...........all roving for sale is in around 20 huge bins in the 3rd bay of the garage, dye equipment in a storage room in the garage........hmm, looks like I've taken over quite a bit of the house since there are also 3 spinning wheels upstairs along with knitting needles, etc. and current knitting/spinning projects. I think I need a separate big studio but it's not even on the radar at this point, I'm fine where I am..........


  1. I love having bright lights. I have lots of light in the kitchen and in my studio. The electrician and builder thought we were crazy when they saw how many recessed lights we wanted, but we're really happy with them. Your track lights look like an excellent solution!

    I couldn't stop looking at (coveting) all that yarn in your picture though!

    Have fun!

  2. I cleaned and rearranged my studio in the not too distant past. It took all day and nearly killed me, but it has been completely liberating. I'm glad it's done!

  3. My studio problem is way more 'stuff' than will fit in it. It's cleaned on a regular basis but new piles show up shortly after.......projects in the planning stages, roving orders to be dropped at upcoming guild meetings and sometimes piles of Bailey's toys! Somedays as I sit and weave I look around for where I could find more space - hence the shelves over the windows to hold all the sheep gifts I've received over the years. I wonder if it would really improve if I had twice the space or would I just keep filling that too!

  4. Oh, a fine job of colonizing. Beautiful lighting. I keep meaning to add a light or two more to my track over the Delta, but have yet to make it to Grover's for one.
    That is an amazing studio. Love whatever is hanging up on hangers and the yarn....OHMYGOD, the yarn!

  5. This track lighting I got came from Grover's over here in GP. We love that store - in building our previous home we were there all the time. It's still the first place to go for lighting, plumbing, electrical needs - personalized service, can always find what we need and decent pricing.

    You should see all the rest of the yarn! My justification is that I need them doing production weaving, I can't wait to order for each project, I just pull from stock.


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