Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Garden Party 2008

Today was our group's (Warped, Twisted & Plyed) spinning day so I had to go look in the stash for something new to spin. I still had two colorways I had run through the drum carder once from the 2008 Garden Party. Only having gone through the carder once the colors stay separate which makes for an interesting yarn but it's also lumpy bumpy and I have so much anxiety over watching those lumps and bumps moving onto the bobbin. I kept telling myself today it's the nature of the yarn I'm creating. I think rather than ply it on itself I'll spin up a solid to ply it with, hopefully there will then be enough for a vest or such. I'll eventually get to spinning the final colorway which is more on the brown side.

We usually meet in spinner's homes but today we did something different - we met at Taprock in Grants Pass, a beautiful lodge type log restaurant that sits right on the Rogue River. We reserved the Evergreen Room complete with fireplace, big easy chairs, couches and tables & chairs, plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Wonderful setting, we're hoping they let us come back with all our wheels & fiber. What a treat to order lunch and have it served rather than having to bring our own.

Still at work on the shawl with the 2009 garden party yarn - have reached the 3/4 mark, will post a picture once finished. Also have pictures to take and post of the last 3 woven devore samples.

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  1. That sounds like a great place to meet!!!

    That's a great color combo!! The yarn will be gorgeous!

    Thanks for the moral support on the purple toes for my slippers! I'm planning to felt by hand for other reasons (peace in the Life Looms Large household mostly), so having to muck with the toes should be OK I think. (Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by saying that).

    The painted warps are drying nicely. The tencel is dry and looks fine. The red/orange/yellow one is still drying a little more - but the colors are still super vibrant. I could never have done that project without your help!

    Now to get my other projects off the looms so I can start thinking about the painted warps!



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