Monday, July 29, 2013

Trying to keep busy........

I tried to keep busy today and not worry about the fires surrounding our area......I wasn't very successful though. I did get some more of the quilt blocks made, 32 in all now, probably need around 160.......just a guess, will check for an exact figure as I get close.

I'm having trouble coping today, I need details and information, the more the better but not much is coming.  I check numerous sites for fire updates - very little new reported this afternoon other than more evacuations north of us and a few reports that fires have grown today and my county has declared a state of emergency. Many retardant bombers have been going over but they're not dropping at the fires closest to us because the smoke is so bad aircraft are not able to fly over those fires. I keep looking at any maps I can find when I hear locations of new evacuations.

Yesterday Sam got up on the roof and blew off all pine needles. I had him pick up sprinklers for the roof and deck and extra hoses - tonight when he gets home from work he'll figure out how to build a platform for them to sit on the peak. I'm hoping going to these measures will mean the fire doesn't reach here. Working on some other options too.

Thank you all for sending good thoughts our way.  We are not in immediate danger but we are very guarded as there are no fire lines as of yet, 0% containment and fires are growing. We live in a heavily wooded region, up on a hill with draws on each side of the house - not a good thing. And they're predicting more dry lightning this week..........What happened to that house I suggested after the Biscuit Fire - cinderblock walls, metal roof out in the middle of a big irrigated field...........


  1. Hang in there! I'm thinking about you guys. Try not to stress too much (easy for me to say).

  2. We're a long way from the fires here in Ashland, but the smoke is terrible. I can barely make anything out just a hundred yards away. Not a good time to be outdoors.

  3. Cindie, I send lot of good thoughts your way. Try to stay busy and this to will pass.

  4. Your quilt blocks are beautiful!

    That's great that you got the pine needles off and placed sprinklers on your roof. I bet that helps ease your stress and worry a bit. I know what you mean about trying to find info. It can be a challenge. For the Mountain Fire, I slowly found good websites that I could just refresh from time to time to get the latest info. I also found Twitter to be very helpful. I typed the fire name into the search and got a lot of info...including photos, websites, updates, personal accounts, etc. It was all so much more helpful than the TV news. Good luck!

  5. Good for you! 32 quilt blocks may not make your worries go away, but they do bring you closer to finishing your project :) I need to get over my fear of cutting material if I am ever going to complete the hand pieced and quilted patchwork quilt I dream of sewing!

    Your fire prevention tactics sound very sensible!
    I am cheering you on :)


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