Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photography Challenge - H is for.........

This weeks pix for the alphabet photography challenge - H is for........

Hay Bales.....or as I call them Hay Marshmallows


Hole in boat - this boat isn't going far

High Bush Cranberry Tree


Home Sweet Home



  1. I've never seen hay like that...is it wrapped in plastic? Good job on your H photos. :-)

  2. Hey, you could have done "husband." Nice job capturing the hummingbird.

  3. I don't think I have ever seen hay bales wrapped in plastic like that before. Hay marshmallows is right!

  4. What fun! I especially like your hole in boat shot. And it looks like it's been shot. And the hummingbird - how magic!

  5. I too have never seen hay wrapped that way - but marshmallow is a VERY apt description!

    I absolutely LOVE the picture of the boat, hole or no hole. All the vivid colors, the shadows and only showing part of the boat really tell a story!

    Great Job!

  6. I grew up on a dairy farm in KY and know the hay bales very well. And great job with the hummingbird! We live near a popular hummingbird sighting area, but I couldn't take a photo fast enough.


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