Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photography Challenge - E is for.......

E is for Evergreen

E is for Emerald Sea Glass

E is for Evening
E was a real challenge for me but I got a few pictures. There were a few others where the concept was great but photo execution was not......   Thank you Benita for coming up with this challenge.


  1. Beautiful closeups, and night shots are a tough but you got this one.

  2. I feel the same....E was challenging. It took me days to figure out something. I love what you came up with and they all go together so well. I wanted to take a photo of an evergreen (in fact, it's about the only thing I could think of for days) but I don't have one and would have to go searching in 103+ degree heat. So, I used things in my home. Here's hoping F will be a bit easier. :-)

  3. What a fun challenge! Love the evergreen photo!


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