Sunday, July 21, 2013


My cousin Claudia put together this great retro etsy treasury in honor of firefighters - isn't it great?! Click HERE to go see it on etsy where you can favorite it, and visit the shops and items and favorite them. And while you're at it visit Claudia's BLOG and ETSY SHOP to see her very fun repurposed/upcycled/recycled creations.

And once again more fires in my area but those hot shots got them out quickly - 4 in my area of the county, but not too close to our house or others.....higher up in the mountains, all started and snuffed out yesterday - it's sounding awfully suspicious since we've had no dry lightening, as in most of the fires most probably human caused.

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  1. Gosh, what a nice plug. And so glad the fires are out.

    Wish I could figure out what makes a compelling treasury -- I guess you have to start off with a big audience. Mine never get more than 30 or 40 views. But it's fun creating them -- kinda like shopping w/out having to pay.


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