Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A little morning sewing.......

Here's my morning sewing - a seashell pillow. A while back a friend found this cross-stitch at a garage sale complete with a bad frame job, she thought I could do something with it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do until now. I took the cross-stitch out of the frame and found that it had been cut almost to the edge and then hot glued to a piece of cardboard - yikes. So I trimmed it up, pulled some really cute seahorse fabric from my stash, put a border on the cross-stitch and made a pillow. I found four 18" pillows stuck in the craft room closet so I used one of stickers on them showed I got them on sale for just over $1 each - what a bargain. (that's my shadow on the right side, not dirt on the pillow)

On to thinking about the next project.......a king size quilt for the beach......finally. These are the fabrics I've pulled from all that fabric I've been collecting for three years. I might pull out a few more fabrics to go with these, still have a bit of time before I start cutting strips. It's a paper pieced pattern I found in Quilt (magazine) June/July 2013 issue called Espresso Please. Each 8 1/2" square is paper pieced so I need to pick up some paper on the next trip to town that's a big lighter in weight than the printer paper I've got, will be easier to tear off. I've put this project to the side for way too long. I'll be piecing the top but will find a long arm quilter to do the machine quilting for me - I know my time limits.

More wildlife out front - this time a doe and fawn. I saw turkey toddlers this morning too.

Now off to warp the inkle loom up. Too hot out to be dyeing roving. Not motivated to warp up one of the looms. Am thinking I just need to step back and enjoy doing whatever I want and not stress so much over selling. Might even do some reading this afternoon...........

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  1. What a great save on your garage sale find! I never thought of doing that. It looks great! Looks like it will go great with the quilt you're going to make too. :-)


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