Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waves scarf....

....I'm terrible at the photography of my handwovens but I do my best. I thought I'd share this picture because it's one that actually shows the sheen and drape in this scarf. I have to admit it's beautiful. I'm considering keeping one of the others, it's very similar to this one, just a bit lighter weft in a seafoam green. This one will go up in my etsy shop tomorrow....too tired tonight to do any more sitting in front of the computer screen.


  1. Your scarves are simply gorgeous!
    I don't blame you for keeping one...I know I would! :)

    Just lovely!

  2. It's beautiful! The photo shows it off very nicely. I love the pattern, the colors, the shine, the twisted fringe. Very nice! :-)

  3. Lovely scarves, they still remind me of sunlit waves!

  4. So pretty - I'd be happy to have one of those hanging around my neck :) Too bad winter skipped out on us. I got to wear scarves about a half dozen times!


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