Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another beautiful day in paradise.....

It's another picture perfect beautiful day here on the coast - we'd really love to live here full time even when the weather is not picture perfect...maybe one day but today we've got to head back home, Sam has to work tomorrow and I've got fiber orders to mail.
This is one of the many wood sculptures down in the harbor area down the hill from our house. It's a spectacular octopus.
Some plants in my little flower bed in front of the cottage. I don't have a plant book over here so I can't tell you want these are called but they're huge, so beautiful and covered in snails....this yard is snail haven.


  1. Hi Cindie,
    Those are Calla Lilies... and come in many colours...

    As for the snails, I guess your garden shop would give you their sage advise!


  2. Thank you Susan! They were one of the few plants in the yard when we bought the place. Since they obviously do so well I should probably think about adding more to the yard. I'm not too worried about the snails since they don't seem to be harming the plants, they were always a problem on this side of the coastal range but over there they just hang out and aren't destroying anything.

  3. If the snails are bothering you, you can put out a pie plate or can buried to be even with the soil and fill it with beer, they will crawl in, and not be able to get back out and you just dump the container of snails....and at least they go happy!

  4. Lucky you! Glad you guys are getting some fine weather. I figure Oregon is about due for some! Love the lillies but not as much as that neat sculpture!

  5. Happy snails! But will Sam give up a beer for the cause!

  6. Yeah jealous on those Calla Lilies...they grow sooooo well at the coast...not so well here...I love them!


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