Monday, August 16, 2010

Roving all finished, ready to sell..........

A couple days ago I got the roving dyed last week all braided, bagged, labeled, priced and photographed for selling - sure makes for a smaller pile once the packaging is done. I love so many of these colors, would love to be able to spin some of each but who has the time!

County fair starts tomorrow - we set up our display Saturday morning, it looks great, I'll get a picture to post. I'll be at the fair every day through Saturday demo'ing spinning. There are a lot of us there, great fun.

Had a start Friday morning, copters with buckets started flying over the house and kept up all day. I couldn't find anything online through forest service sites, through local radio or tv stations on exactly where the fire was until Saturday morning. It could have been a mile down the road or 15 miles down the road. Fire is southwest of us, maybe the 15 miles, growing daily, in steep terrain that's difficult to get to for fire fighting so most of it's being done by air (copters and bomber) with crews on the ground, big dozers, etc haven't been able to get in. 0% containment right now. I'm just hoping it doesn't blow up like the Biscuit Fire did in 2002, we lived out by that one (same area as this one) and it was very scary, over half a million acres burned.

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