Thursday, August 12, 2010

One too many dye days..........

So three dye days in a row is too much for me these days. I bought some great pads to stand on in front of the dye table and roving painting table but it's just not enough......and then there's all the time spent off those pads on the asphalt and concrete, my feet and back are feeling it. I was so glad when I saw there was only 6 pounds of merino/bamboo to dye today. Three days ago I had also planned on dyeing around 100 silk hankies (for spinning) today but last night quickly shelved that idea....will get back to those another time. Temps are going back up to triple digits so dye supplies will be put away until they come back down again.

Learn something new everyday. I put my surgical gloves on getting ready to soak roving in vinegar water when I realized I had forgotten to put on sunblock. What a pain, it would mean taking off the gloves, applying it and then washing the greasy stuff back off my hands which would make getting gloves back on difficult. Then I thought why not apply the lotion with gloves on - no greasy hands - then just pull those greasy gloves off and put new on. Some days I'm brilliant.....other days, not so.......

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  1. What a smart girl! Of course you can always put a little talc free powder in the gloves too, makes slipping off the old pair and putting on a new pair easier.
    BOY! Have you done a lot of dying. I am uber impressed, but then again. I am always impressed with your productivity. My days seem to fritter away on a little of this and a smidge of sands through an hourglass....;)


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