Friday, June 11, 2010

What's up here today.........

So, this is what I've been doing today - making kumihimo samples in preparation for a guild program I'll be giving next month to a guild over on the coast. I already have tons of samples that are in all different kinds of fibers, many more complicated but I didn't have samples of all the braids I'd like the participants to try making.

Now below was what else has been going on here although I'm not breaking sweat over it - the guys from Applegate Landscape are here getting my beds/plantings back in shape. Last year I let it go, supposedly I was going for the country cottage look - hmm, looks like wheat growing in with those weeds and a few flowers.
Above is the only corner of the beds still untouched - they've been working here for two days already so some areas are done, others in the works - this will be worked on Monday. Anyhow, it looks pretty bad - really embarrassing to be putting it out here for the world to see but I was busy weaving and dyeing last year and just let it go.

Here's the part of the yard that's been cleaned up. There are some new plants in there (lots of old ugly looking plants removed) and a new bush. This past winter we lost 3 bushes and 1 tree from the harsh freeze in December. It's already making me feel good............of course, this means I need to keep it up in the future, can't afford to have a landscaper come out to fix it every year!


  1. WOW!!!!! That is so totally awesome!!!!!hah!!! ok.....more updates!!!!! And....what about PHIL???

  2. Hey, it looks great! Very encouraging actually.... I have gardeners coming to rework my flower beds and down along my driveway, starting on the 18th. Its a combination of my bad back and neglect... along with tired soil, old plants and simply needing a good update.

    My theory is to keep up the good work they do and so now we can give each other a good poke when some time needs to be given to the yard ... "Step away from the Loom!"

    :) Susan

  3. Yeah, what about Phil? The landscaping looks great. Lucky girl to have landscaping.
    The braids are wonderful too. Is there anything you don't do? I know...paint. ;)

  4. I'm so impressed with your Kumihimo braids....they must have taken yonks to do! Wish you were closer to me as my Guild has been talking a lot about Kumihimo and you sure look like you know the subject!

  5. Thanks Lynette, If I get energetic I'll take some pictures of the other braids that were done in silks, rayons, etc. They are also different shapes, flat braids, round, square, even a triangular braid. Incredible trims for handwovens.


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