Monday, June 28, 2010

Towel Exchange

Yesterday was the potluck luncheon get together for the multi-guild fingertip towel exchange - these are the incredible towels I recieved back in exchange for the 8 celtic knot towels I submitted - aren't they great?! I recieved the draft and weaver's bio for each towel. I love them.

I started the multi-guild exchange (Southern Oregon Weaving Guilds) 4 years ago. I wanted to see members of the regional guilds get to know each other, I already knew many members of other guilds but most of my local guild members did not. I coordinated it for the first three years (towels, napkins, placemats). Each guild participating gets a notebook for their library with all drafts, bios and either sample swatches or photos. I was ready for a break after last year so my fellow guild member, Denise, took it over and did a wonderful job and she has volunteered to coordinate next year as well - thank you Denise! Next year's exchange will be holiday table runners - we will each turn in 4 and recieve 4 different ones in return. We'll be campaigning to get more guild members involved next year.

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