Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm being asked "but what about Phil?"  Phil the Pheasant, that is. (pic on May 23rd post)
Well, Phil is still around but he's found a friend in neighbor Merle across the ravine and up the hill. Merle is outside working much more than I (can't you tell that from the landscaping being done here?). Phil follows Merle around and talks to him, in Merle's words he talks a hundred different languages and talks all the time. So, Phil has found a buddy, guess it's much more interesting over there than here at my house.....but I'm hoping he comes back to visit.  

Today is the last guild meeting until September for the Saturday Handweavers Guild, our potluck luncheon and show & share of our challenge. I posted my challenge a bit ago - I had the scent 'cinnamon' and made a felted sheep with cinnamon stick legs. It will be fun to see all the other challenge results.

And yes, reminders to get out there and keep up the landscape will be needed here, playing with fiber is much more interesting, especially when it gets hot. And a reminder not to let my hair grow all the way down my back is another one I need help with.........finally cut it off a couple weeks ago. It probably still looks fairly long to some, just below shoulder length, but I must have gotten 10" cut was getting too heavy, giving me headaches, taking all day to dry and strangling me when I sleep. When I asked my friends to remind me that I shouldn't let my hair grow long they let me down, hopefully this time they'll slap me up side my head as a reminder!

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  1. Well glad to hear Phil hasn't been eaten!
    Hmm, fiber vs. gardening....FIBER, hands down. :)


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