Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally off the loom.........

The 10 celtic knot table runners are finally off the loom, don't ask me why I made a career out of letting them sit on the loom, I just haven't been very efficient with my time lately I guess........or maybe other things keep coming up.........who knows, no real good excuses here. Anyhow, I'm anxious to get them stitched and cut apart so I can wash them and then get them hemmed.

We did take Wednesday off and drove over to the coast - Bandon again - it was beautiful.

What happened to spring? We missed it - it's summer all of a sudden, too hot for me. And Sunday is the towel exchange potluck luncheon which is outside (remember I made the same celtic knot pattern in fingertip towels back in March/April).

Fire season isn't starting until July 1 - I can't believe they're waiting to call it until then knowing the forecast was for temps in the 90's and dry. The first fire in our area was this morning - probably 1-2 miles as the crow flies from our house. As I was heading out the firetrucks raced by the house heading toward the river so I decided to check it out before I left home for several hours - small flames moving up a hilll along the road, many fire fighters on site so I went on with my errands feeling confident they'd get it out before it spread. Smoke plume was non-existent by the time I was heading home.

I had big fiber plans for this week, a long to-do list to start crossing finished items off of - pretty much nothing got done.......oh well, maybe next week!


  1. You knew we were going to skip spring and head into summer.;-) Actually, July 1 is pretty average for calling fire season but I am amazed how quickly it got dry.
    Although I had to do some moving stuf around with Bob the tractor and while the surface is quite dry, it's still moist about 3-4 inches down. Of course that won't last long with the low humidity.
    The runners look great, 10 of them, OMG, I don't think I could do 10 of anything in a single run. And if you think they stayed on the loom a while, may I point out that my pillowcase warp is still in process! LOL.. it's not so much a dog on the loom as a puppy in the house.

  2. At least you have a valid excuse for the pillowcase warp - puppies do that for a number of months!

  3. From here, you seem pretty productive to me!! 10 runners on the loom would have an inertia all their own I'd think! They look great!

    Fire season sounds so scary. Even though I complain (hopefully mostly only to myself) about New England weather, we're lucky not to have many weather-related disasters here.



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