Friday, May 28, 2010

Long day..........

It sure makes for a long day when one wakes up at 3am and never goes back to sleep. I'm starting to crash now so I'm moving on to other activities. I started out weaving on the runner warp. Was getting restless since what I really want to do is play with spinning fiber. So, I took out some handpainted superwash colonial roving (Great Balls of Fiber) and started separating the colors like I did with some roving I spun in February/March. I haven't decided yet if I'll spin each pile as is or mix them up in the plying process. End result is several yarns that coordinate with each other. (just realized this picture isn't very good - those are piles of roving, each piece in the pile is around 6" long - I pulled the handpainted roving apart where the colors meet)
But this isn't the next fiber to be spun - decided I'm in a purple mood so I went and pulled out from the Ashland Bay stash (that I sell) some Merino/Tussah in the Concord colorway. I really wanted to spin the Yellow colorway but I sold the last of it and it's been discontinued - guess that will teach me for not setting some aside. I love yellow! But pack to the purple....I think this will eventually become a shawl, knit or woven, don't know yet. I've got a pound to spin....and I guess I'll have to add this to my next order since it's the last of what I have in stock.
But before I start that spinning I've got plying to do - some beautiful handpainted merino I recently started on. It was one of those colorways that as soon as it came out of the dyepot I put it aside for myself. Dusty grey blues and dusty purple. So, off to the wheel..............

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  1. This post definitely tempts me to try spinning again. Such beautiful fiber...and I know you'll make amazing yarn from it!



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