Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sacrifice to the Weaving Goddess

Yes, I did it yesterday, I cut off that painted warp and sacrificed it to the weaving goddess. The first scarf is ok, actually it feels yummy combining the bamboo and tencel, but colors are not great. What was I thinking when I dyed this??? Who can wear these colors? Even the first scarf crossed with a golden bamboo, which makes it appear more autumn like, will be hard for most folks to wear. I know, this probably kills some people that I wasted this warp but the fact is that it's less than $2 worth of warp, why spend my valuable time weaving something I'm not happy with - my time is worth so much more.
Yesterday afternoon  a 12 yard warp of natural 5/2 perle cotton sett at 15 epi for runners went on the loom. It's tied on the front beam, warp spread out and ready to start weaving today. I'll be weaving the same pattern as the guild towel exchange towels (see my March 28th post) celtic knots designed by Robyn Spady (as seen on Weavezine). I'll vary wefts and the celtic knot border in color so I don't get bored. Many will be for gifts or for sale but this was a selfish choice in patterns - I want one!


  1. Good for you! I can hardly wait to see those knot towels. I have them earmarked for holiday presents this year. I'm how they would be in unmercerized as opposed to perle cotton. What think you?
    How is Phil?

  2. This warp is for runners. I made the towels in 8/2 unmercerized and they turned out great. I used 3/2 perle for the celtic pattern border, think I might have liked it even better using 5/2 for the border.

    Phil is still hanging around - neighbors have now met him.

  3. I know how you feel about cutting off a warp, but sometimes it's the only way to move forward. I've made a sacrafice or two over the years and always feel so much better when I can heave that sigh of relief and start again.

    I too have bookmarked Robyns Celtic knot's a real beauty and I can't wait to see your runners.


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