Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a while but I haven't been idle.......

It's been a little while since I last posted but I've been busy. Last weekend I took a doubleweave workshop with Jannie Taylor (AVL teacher). It was great - a lot of information pouring into my head in a short period of time. Enjoyed it very much, learned much. Have a ton of warp left on my loom - my pattern was overshot doubleweave......will have to think on what I can do with that narrow warp in those colors - ice blue and fuschia - yikes!

This is the latest warp on the loom - tencel and rayon slub the main part of the warp with a supplemental warp of a space dyed ribbon. I like the way it's coming out. The first picture I used the mauve tencel as the weft. The second picture I'm using the gold rayon slub as weft. Am not thinking the rayon slub as weft is my favorite but once washed I may really like it. Not sure what the third scarf will be - am thinking a dusty lavendar or purple.....will play with colors when I get there. Since these aren't woven tightly I was a bit worried about weft shifting as it went over the front beam so I was prepared to put something over the beam to remedy it......ended up not being a problem at all.

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