Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been a good day.......

Today was a good day in spite of it feeling like winter once again - morning walk with Bailey found torrential rains and hail, snow dusting the hills just above us. After my shoulders recovered from morning yoga practice, phew instructors are working us harder lately, I put minestrone in the crockpot, got laundry started (never ending, isn't it?) and finally got to putting a painted warp on the loom.

This is one of the last two painted warps that's been sitting around waiting for me to weave. Just about time to start thinking about winding many new warps in different fibers to dye for future projects. My favorite fibers for painted warps are bamboo, tencel, rayon and silk. The fiber here is Bambu 7 (bamboo). The weave structure is basically a twill, a two tie unit based on a draft in the book '60 Scarves, 60 Years' published by the Baltimore Weaver's Guild recently. I took liberties with the draft - after putting it into my weaving computer program, WeaveIt Pro, I started manipulating it to make it my own. This is what I came up with. There's enough warp for 2 scarves, this first one I'm crossing with a bamboo weft in purple. At the beginning of the warp I also tried an inch using a silver grey bamboo - haven't decided yet if I'll use that for the second warp or not. Using a light color like that may wash out the scarf....will think on it.

So, when Bailey wasn't laying in the studio snoozing while I was weaving he was laying on 'his' bed in the guest room. He loves the big picture window where he can survey part of his property and keep watch on those turkeys, deer and the hated squirrels.


  1. Cindie, It certainly does sound like a perfect day! That warp is beautiful. How is the whole book?
    Bailey looks so sweet there with his woogie toy.
    We saw dee for the first time since last year in the back yard on Monday. Bet they wish they had stayed down at lower elevation! Horrible ride at 3:30am to the airport. Snow in Salt Lake too, delayed us. Boston, sunny all leafed out and warm. :)

  2. The book, 60 Scarves, 60 Years by the Baltimore Weavers Guild is really good. I saw several weave structures that intriqued me which I'll try in future projects.

  3. Your painted scarf is lovely, the colours are very fresh and pretty. I love the twill motifs that have a slightly random appearance.


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