Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Currently on the wheel............

This is my current spinning, since I usually only spin in my spinning group and when demo'ing it will take a while to get this spun. This is some of my hand-dyed merino roving. It's a dream to spin. Unfortunately for anyone interested in this colorway this is all there is. I do have others for sale in my etsy shop.

Hoping today to get the fringe twisted on the chenille throws.


  1. I take it you've gotten your Woolie Winder woes sorted out. The yarn looks beautiful spun and I am duly impressed that you've done all that with merino. I just can't seem to get the knack for it nor feel the love. Maybe I'll just save that roving for petting purposes!
    Hope your fringe twisted quick and easy!

  2. Oh sorry to say I returned the Woolee Winder. That shouldn't discourage others from buying though since I know several people that are very pleased with theirs.
    My hands would cramp within 30 minutes using it because it would grab and pull. Nathan sent a new part (he had gotten in defective parts) which helped a bit but didn't solve the problem. By the time I returned it I was so discouraged with fooling with it for so long that I didn't want an exchange, I just wanted a refund. Oh well.........


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