Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm back.........

I'm back, been absent this week attending a Summer & Winter weaving workshop taught by Linda Davis of Sisters, OR. I learned a tremendous amount about designing and some of the many different treadlings available to use with this weave structure. My samples are still on the table loom as I want to try out some other treadling variations. Hopefully I can get to that early next week since I need to get that warp off the loom and the next one on for a doubleweave workshop with Jannie Taylor (instructor for AVL) in 2 weeks. Maybe next year my two guilds will communicate better and not have workshops this close together.

So today I need to get the inkle loom warped up to weave the handles for my recycled bag project - will do the actual weaving in the evening. Then it's back to the chenille throw warp, need to finish weaving it off, wash the throws and twist the fringes so they get to the customer who ordered them.

I've still got a sale going in my etsy shop on hand-dyed roving - these are the last of these colorways. They're in the Sale Section of my shop and are marked at 25% off. These are pix of some of what's available. There is also lots of other roving in the shop that I have larger quantities of.


  1. And it's good to see you back! Glad the workshop was a hit!
    Okay, I'm laughing because on a whim I just bought an inkle loom. I was thinking how fun it might be to make some special little ribbons and sashes for stuff, and also thinking I could make some nifty sash bindings for blankets. This is assuming, of course, time and proficiency.......
    Roving shots as always look beautiful!

  2. You'll love inkle weaving!
    Get the book Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress - it's very clear and easy to understand - I learned from the book years ago. There are a few other books but that's the easiest to use.


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